Anyone in the Houston area looking for the Magenta Duffle????

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  1. I spotted one at the Macy's at Willowbrook mall! I have one and I love it! I want a tPF'er to get this one!
  2. I would jump on this! I heard from an SA in my local Coach store that the magenta duffles are available for order from JAX and they are going fast...
  3. I just returned the one I got from JAX today to a boutique. I loved the color and the duffle style but it looked like it had a grease stain (it didn't , just best way to describe it) down the front seam and then running along the whole bottom seam of the bag . The SA told me that's the variation in the leather, but it was really dark and noticeable. Before my transaction was even complete, they cut the price tag off and put a new one on and it hit the sales floor.
    I was thinking of ordering another one, but I'm afraid it will have that same dark streak.