Anyone in the Bay Area feel the earthquake?

  1. We had a 4.2 out of Lafayette at 8:40 pm. I felt it hard in SF and wanted to know if anyone else did.

    P.S. My dog was going crazy right before it hit.
  2. Nope, not here in San least my family didn't,
  3. I was watching KRON 4 and a lady called in from Martinez. She said it felt like an 18 wheeler crashed into her house. We've been getting alot of earthquakes the past couple months, which is totally not normal.
  4. we felt it in american canyon. in case no one knows where that is, it's a recently established town located between vallejo and napa.
  5. omg are you serious? I hate earthquakes! Oh imagine if there is one in socal, I am soo scared now! lol!
  6. I was down in Monterey until 10pm. I didn't even know we had an earthquake. Hope no one was hurt.
  7. OMG! I was just going to post about this, and saw yours. I am in the East Bay, and definitely felt a jolt and shaking. Scary! It's funny you mentioned the dog, because I swore I felt an almost imperceptible shaking before the larger movement. A few weeks back, we had three small quakes in one week. I have been in the Bay Area since 2000, and am kind of apprehensive about being in a big quake, which is expected to hit us sometime, and probably on the Hayward fault this time.
  8. Hm...I'm in SF, but I didn't feel anything last night. I actualy didn't even know about the earthquake till I watched the news this morning. It could be that we were playing the Wii and jumping up and down, so didn't really notice any shaking.
  9. Yep, I'm in San Francisco, and I definitely felt it last night. It lasted a bit longer than they usually do. I was actually a little concerned. And it does feel like we've been having more earthquakes that I can feel lately, so I'm hoping it's not going to lead to something bigger ...
  10. I honestly thought it was going to get stronger. It started off real slow then bam. I've lived here all my life and I've felt alot of earthquakes but this one was different.

    I've been telling my BF that we NEED and emergency quake kit so now I'm going to start shopping around. I need to be prepared when the "big one" hits because were so not prepared in '89.
  11. Yep, I hear you. I think I read somewhere that you can buy them on the Red Cross website or Target stores. We've been saying the same thing!
  12. Does anyone know if emergency kits are something you can buy online? I worry about my brother, who lives in SF, not being prepared for a big quake. :sweatdrop:
  13. wow no way. I am in over the bridge in marin and did not feel a thing. I think its so amazing how animals can sense things before it happens. A month or so ago we had the thunder in novato and my dogs were going crazy an hour or so before thunder storm even started.
  14. i would try REI also Costco was selling emergency kits a few weeks back. I don't have one but might be something I should purchase as YOU NEVER KNOW.
  15. I am in Dublin and I felt it HARD!! Plus I had been anxious all day before it too.

    Too funny though; DH and I were on the same couch and I was like OMG EARTHQUAKE! and he was like, "huh?? I don't feel anything"?!?! :push: