Anyone in South Florida...... Seth Green Movie

  1. There's a Casting Call this weekend for a new movie w/Seth Green....
    I think I'm going to go....

    I got this from the Palm Beach Post....

    The producers of a Hollywood flick starring Seth Green (Austin Powers in
    Goldmember, The Italian Job) being filmed in Boca and the county's
    western confines are desperate for up to 200 "Amish-looking extras."

    Ellen Jacoby, casting director of Untitled Teen Road Movie, tells me the
    pay is $75 a day, and some could get two weeks of work.

    The Tinseltown dreammakers are going to need some serious magic here.
    Their goal is to reproduce a giant Amish party in a place made to look
    like rural Pennsylvania.

    For that, they picked Belle Glade.

    As a bonus, the extras get food and a free concert by, get this, the
    hard rockers of Fall Out Boy. That happens on Feb. 26, the busiest
    filming day.

    The casting call is noon to 3 p.m. Saturday (Feb 9) at The Mall at
    Wellington Green.
  2. That sounds like fun. I got to be an extra during the filming of an airport scene in Firestarter - yes it was a LONG time ago and I was pretty young. It was cool though.
  3. Whoa. Belle Glade is my hometown! :nuts: I lived there my entire life until I moved away for college. LOL of all places to film a movie :lol: If anyone has ever been there or heard of the town, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Candace, are you going? Let us know how it goes!
  4. I just moved to the southern Miami area. A friend read this post and told me to look at it. I may go check it out. Sounds fun :smile: