Anyone in search of a *perfect* double cream Nikki?

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  1. I recently received the double cream Nikki that I preordered from Three Sirens in Philadelphia. It is a *gorgeous* bag, flawless and with panels that match perfectly. The leather is slightly glazed and should repel stains and wear very well. However, I am going to exchange it for another Nikki in a different color because although I love it the double cream doesn't work with my wardrobe... (if you want to see a few pics I will be posting some in a thread in the next day or so).

    So if you are interested, contact Amy at Three Sirens -- I am not affiliated with them in any way but just wanted to let any of you who have been concerned about Nikki quality control issues know that a perfect Nikki is in fact out there. :yes: And you also will get to deal with a great, small business that has superior CS!
  2. thanks for posting loquita! that is a gorgeous bag. i can't afford any new bags right now and i can't keep white bags clean (the only white bag i have is from kohls haha) but it's still a nice bag to drool over and think of the cute outfits that could have been with it.
  3. yer welcome! and if it's any comfort (and no, i ain't trying to enable) this bag seems like it wouldn't get dirty all that's a side pic:

  4. Thanks for posting Loquita, I know someone will scoop that beauty up. I just adore the double cream but I am so scared I would get it dirty before I even made it out of the house.