Anyone in NYC got some time to play?

  1. Hey!

    I'm heading out to NYC for a workshop this weekend but, I gave myself a WHOLE day to play--Tuesday the 19th (of Feb.). Any of you NYC ladies open to hang out? I'd LOVE to meet you guys and hit a NY "H"! (and my personal heaven--Tiffany's!).

    PM me if you interested and I'll give you guys my digits!
  2. ATG, I'd love to meet up but am stuck in meetings all day Tuesday. How long are you in NYC?
  3. I have to work on Tues, too. Are you available in the evening?
  4. yeah! I'm available in the evening! I leave Wednesday around 5-ish!

    Hopefully, we can all hook up!
  5. How about Monday evening, ladies? (Maybe a martini to psych ATG up for her Tuesday play day?)