Anyone in NJ: Rebecca Minkoff and Gryson on sale at GSP Nordstrom

  1. Not sure how much longer they'll be there, but in the Garden State Plaza Nordstrom, I spied almost their entire collection of Rebecca Minkoff and Gryson stuffed on the sale table. The Morning After (regular) in Grey was going for $398. The Gryson Olivia in Black was something like $680.

    It looked like they had moved out both collections to make room for other brands. I saw a new bunch of "Nordstrom" brand totes in the RM place. Ew. But to each his own.

  2. Thanks for the info! It's funny; one of the reasons I like to buy bags online is that I don't have to pay tax. In NJ it's only 7%, but still...Am I the only one who feels this way?
  3. You don't pay tax on clothes in NJ!

  4. ^^^Is the GSP in north jersey?
  5. No, you do pay taxes on handbags in NJ. That is one of the reasons I like buying online because the 7% on an expensive handbag can add up. I shop all the time and either Saks, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, etc. are charging wrong or you charge taxes in NJ on bags.

  6. No, I do the same thing!!:tup:
  7. You're right; not on clothes thankfully! But yes, we do pay tax on handbags...
  8. Also, since BG and NM are owned by the same company and often have similar handbags, I always see if BG has what I'm looking for, since they only charge tax in states where they have brick and mortar stores...NY and TX.:yes:
  9. Yes, and I believe Paramus still has "blue laws" on the books, meaning the mall and many other retail establishments are closed on Sundays. Kind of annoying if you ask me, but an interesting fact for anyone contemplating a weekend shopping trip there...
  10. I miss GSP because I no longer live in NJ, love that mall. But what I miss most is the no sales tax on clothing. In NC sales tax on everything is 7.25%! In NJ, if you shop at the Jersey Gardens mall in Elizabeth, sales tax for non-clothing is only 3.5% since it's an Urban Enterprise Zone. The have Saks Off 5th and Neiman Last Call outlet stores.
  11. Wow I must check that out! I was gonna drive out to the Wholefoods in Edgewater but maybe ill taek the trip out to Paramus as well. I always wanted the Morning After in grey! I hope its still there.

    Thanks for the info!! :biggrin:
  12. The Nordstrom at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta also had some Gryson's on sale. I saw both the Olivia and Skye styles on the sale table when I stopped by today, most were grey leather with black trim. Our Nordstrom doesn't carry Rebecca Minkoff.
  13. Did you find it? :smile:
    Thinking of calling in the morning...
  14. Today I spotted the RM Morining After Mini in Black and the Matinee in Glazed Almond. There were also a few Grysons in Black on the sale table.
  15. This is a little bit late but I wanted to say thanks style_baby for posting this! I ran out to Nordstrom the same day you posted and got a Morning after Mini in dark grey that I love! I was hoping to score one through the RM sample sale but it turns out the Nordstrom price was cheaper and the sample sale never even had the grey one available!