Anyone in NJ/PA/DE want to adopt a corgi?

  1. My friend Mimi found a purebred corgi wandering around her neighborhood (Vineland, NJ) and took the poor dog in. She said it's perfectly trained and very well behaved. She has 3 dogs already & her fiance will not let her have another so she had to take it to the ASPCA. They're going to try and find the owners of it or it gets put down in 8 days:crybaby:

    Mimi's contacting rescue groups in hopes that they can do something or find an owner, but I thought I'd post here to see if anyone was looking for a dog in this area.

    We really don't want to see the poor girl put to sleep! She's so pretty and well behaved!

    If you're interested, please PM me!
    corgi2.jpg corgi.jpg
  2. Oh no :crybaby: This is soooooo sad.... I would have taken her in had I been allowed dogs in my appartment building. I LOVE corgis they are such great dogs :heart:

  3. I know :crybaby: It's such a shame! I really hope they can either find her owners or find her a forever home. She's a purebred and she looks like she's been well taken care of.

    I already have a beagle, a flying squirrel, a turtle and when we move next month, I think we're taking my bf's family's chocolate lab with us. My little zoo is all filled up.

    ****likewise, if anyone know any no kill rescue groups or anything that could help us out PLEASE let me know!!********
  4. I mean, I live halfway across North America and I would have found a way to get her here, to tell you how great these dogs are... but unfortunately, no dogs allowed. And my parents would probably kill me, I just got another cat. But I mean, they'd have understood...

    I'll try to find a no-kill shelter, I'm at work right now but it's pretty slow lol.

    Edit: a few no-kill shelters in the states you mentionned:

    New Jersey



  5. Thanks so much!!!! I'll send these to Mimi! It's depressing her so much that she can't do more to help the dog out.
  6. i'm in NJ -- she can come here if nothing else works out for her. :yes:

    with jeter's vet bills it's not the best time to be adopting a dog, but there's always room at the farm for one more and i couldn't live with myself if she were euthanized.

    i'm working right now, but will shoot you a PM later.
  7. Dont make me get another dog Jill.....LOL....Ripley is my handful...hehe....maybe a girl will calm his butt down?LOL?
  8. jill, you totally need a girl-dog -- they're GREAT at keeping the boys in line (they don't call 'em '*****es' for nothing :p).

    ETA: i'm worried about this doggie in the shelter and that they might make a mistake in counting her days. i can't travel 'til sunday, but she can come here right away if somebody can give here a ride (i'll pay for gas!)
  9. Yeah I would advise to get her out of there ASAP too... we don't want them to make a mistake :crybaby:
  10. I've just emailed a half dozen rescue groups! I really hope I can get that poor dog out of there.

    They're being sticklers for the rules & requiring a $110 application fee and a full adoption application to get the poor thing out. eek! I don't know how else to help.
  11. jill, can you ladies fill out the papers and keep her 'til sunday if i paypal you the bail money?

    i've got messages in to the corgi rescue to see whether they can help.
  12. Awwww you guys this is so great! I really hope we find her a home :yahoo:Sucks that you have to go through the whole adoption application process, but at the same time, I understand it has to be the same for every pet otherwise it'd be chaotic...

  13. LOL the bail money. Sure. Let me contact my Mom (I'm living at home), and see if she gives the okay to that. I'm going to contact the shelter the dog is at on my lunch break.

    I can meet up half way one night this week, if that makes it easier for you. I don't mind driving an hour or so up north.

    ETA: Just called. the Vineland SPCA doesn't open until 1pm today. I'm going to start filling out the online application now so that everything is ready to go when i talk to them!!

  14. you are so sweet!!!:heart::heart::heart: you are gonna make me work...which is no good.