Anyone in love with the cute penguin sweater?

  1. I completely am drooling over the cute penguin sweater (with red stripes sleeves) from Chanel Fall 2007/08 Fall Winter Collection on its webpage (5th picture)! Anyone else thinks it's the best thing that Chanel has come out with! Ok, maybe not for some people.

    Sigh, if only I don't have more important things to buy for a couple of thousand dollars.

    P.S. Does anyone know the retail on this? If it is in the lower 4 digits, I might go on an impulse crazy buy!
  2. Instead of reading on my 250 page of Economics I have to do, I decided to take a print screen of the sweater to display in tPF. :smile:
    chanel penguin.jpg
  3. im not sure but im thinking its 1800 or 2000 something--but i could be completely off....

    i find it super cute too but my SA keeps telling me it shouldnt be at the top of my list since she thinks if im paying for Chanel I should get more timeless pieces? =X
  4. ^You've seen it in real life? Maybe I'd get to see it when I go home this week!

    Well, since I'm still very young (maybe?), as can be hinted from my 250 pages of Economics to do, I don't think I want "timeless" pieces!
  5. true true...I'm 25, so not super duper young but young enough to wear anything from Chanel and not worry too much but i guess she meant if Im going to spend so much on a piece, it should be something I wont get tired of easily...
  6. I've seen the fluffy one's cute but definitely not something I'd buy or wear.
  7. I love that sweater but I don't love the price!
  8. i absolutely LOVED this sweater and thought it was darling, the one i saw was fluffy with a hoodie and was $2995 CDN!
  9. i saw that sweater too, and loved it but i bought the 228 metallic reissue instead.
  10. I don't like the fluffy hooded ones. Does anyone know the retail on the one pictured?
  11. it is cute, but i wouldnt buy. even if it was from CHANEL
  12. I guess I'm in the minority, but I don't think I would even wear that if it were free:shrugs:
  13. M88 - LOVE it. Who doesn't love Penguins...! Don't love the price.
  14. is cute...but not for me.
  15. i want it so bad.