Anyone in love with jicama too?

  1. Hey guys! As I type, I'm enjoying a bowlful of cubed jicama with lemon juice and chili powder. It's a fabulous treat for these hot summer days, if you chill it a bit before eating.

    It's a very common thing to eat here in Mexico, so this got me wondering.. how many of you have tried it? Does this grow in your countries? It's not exactly a fruit; It's more related to potatoes really but you can eat it raw just by peeling the skin off (just like a tatoe!), chopping and adding either lemon juice and chili powder (my favourite way), or dipping them like you do carrots and celery. It's very juicy and has a subtle sweet taste to it, kinda like apples in texture as well.

    I googled it and it's called yam bean in english. What do y'all think??
  2. Oh I really like it, very tasty, and I used to eat it more often, but cut it out of my diet since it isn't local, but I'll still eat it at restaurants and such!
  3. I love it. I grew up eating jicama and now that I have kids of my own I try to get them to eat different kinds of foods. My youngest, especially, loves thems.
  4. I love it!! I put it in salads :smile:
  5. In the phils., I remember my friends drenching it in vinegar and salt. wooohoooo:drool:
  6. Looove jicama!!!! I used it on many menus when I was working in western Canada.
    Can't get it very much where I live now. I don't live in a big city.
    I used to make a slaw out of it with hot chilies, carrot and a sweet viniagrette. Served it with fish.
  7. mmm I miss jicama, I miss Mexico and it's authentic mexican food!!
  8. Sooo delicious! Love it!
  9. I like to use thin slices of jicama instead of chips for eating guacamole.
  10. I love it when I'm out but I never think to prepare it at home. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'll pick some up tomorrow!!!
  11. ooo asians eat it too, its good, we put it in our viet style spring rolls...
  12. I don't even know what it is. I guess it's not very common in Sweden :sad: Or, I think I've seen it! Atleast something like it.
  13. Wow I never heard of it but I want to try it now! I hope my grocery store carries it
  14. love it on my salads. yum!
  15. i was picking what i thought was some funky looking celery out of my salad when my boss told me that it was jicama :lol:. i saw it at the supermarket the other day and remembered this thread and wanted to try it, but it looked a bit intimidating to me so i left it-like a giant potato no? i wasn't quite sure what to do with it :push: but i still want to try it it sounds yummy! :p