1. I know there have been threads on occupations generally, but I thought it'd be nice to have one for all of us in the legal field/law school so that we can ask questions and share advice :idea:

    I'll start: I'm in law school, and am graduating this year!
    Any of you ladies have any recommendations on a practical bag that would fit a laptop and files? I was thinking the batignolles horizontal as a graduation present... :love: (or maybe the large muse?)
  2. Although I am not a lawyer, I do work in the legal field and I use a vintage Coach briefcase.
  3. I think the large muse would be appropirate- but you might have to put a piece of cardboard or something equal to at the bottom to avoid the bag sagging. Dark colors of course- brown/black.
  4. i'm in my first year of law school, and in the middle of finals so haven't had time to go shopping for a school/work bag yet, but i think the LV damier chelsea is a great bag for this :P
  5. jillybean, that's good to know! Do all LV bags not go over well, or just the conspicuous ones like the mono?
  6. At the firms I've worked at, I'd say just the mono because that's easily recognized. I think Damier would be fine. The Muse would work perfectly (not many 50 yr old male lawyers are going to recognize YSL).

    Stick with things that don't scream a label (mono in LV, the Coach signature C, etc.). It turns the lawyers off to be interviewing young lawyers carrying $500+ bags fresh out of law school. I guess it comes across as frivolous. I've seen the nose wrinkling.

    What type of law are you looking to get into?
  7. ^^ I agree completely. I've been an attorney now for 4 years and I've NEVER carried anything that screams "designer" to interviews, client meetings, etc. You NEVER want to rub someone the wrong way, especially if they're in a hiring position. I would keep things on the conservative side. And I'm in California!

    I think it's best to stay away from ALL status designer label stuff. I think a nice leather, non-signature Coach bag or a leather Kate Spade are good ways to go. Don't wear a black Chanel suit that has the little interlocking C buttons, it may not go over well....

    For the most part, the legal profession is still very conservative. I know some law school career services departments recommend that women wear skirts to interviews. I know some law firms tell their female associates to wear skirts to court. While it's up to you to do that, it says something that people still make those "suggestions"... I think once you're more established, it's fine to bring out a funky or mono bag--I do that. But I'd never do it on an interview.
  8. I will be doing corporate law, at least for the first few years. I carried an epi last summer, and no one seemed to really notice (except my peers) so you're prolly right to go with something more low key. Hmm, the muse is looking better!
  9. I agree.. I've been a lawyer at a big firm for a year and a half now and most women, if they're not using the firm's own bags for computers, etc. use the plain leather Coach bags. If you're traveling a lot, you may want to consider a rolling attache case... I have back problems so I am considering getting one of those.

    I would avoid the obvious designer stuff though.. I carry designer purses at work, but those generally tend to be smaller than laptop-size bags. I would also agree with wickedassin that the legal profession is pretty conservative.. we are one of those firms that encourage, depending on the case, female attorneys to wear skirts to court. And people are always watching junior associates.
  10. Oh.. one thing I forgot to add is that you want a very plain bag if you're going to court - nothing obviously designer. Especially if you're on the defense side... I've been told that several times.
  11. why do they tell you to wear skirts to interviews and the court room?
  12. Great advice, Wicked. I worked for a small lawfirm and pretty much could wear what I wanted, including pants. I don't think my partner agreed, but, since I was doing all the work :P , his opinion did not matter much!
  13. Im about to start USC Law, I am going to buy an oversized black YSL muse, what about a Balenciaga weekender or Chanel Cerf tote??:biggrin:
  14. Because there's still an old-fashioned group of men out there that still believe that women should only wear skirt suits. Although the law school admissions are basically 50/50 in male/female students, the retention of women in the profession is not great. And there aren't very many female partners...

    I luckily work in a great town where I don't feel belittled or discriminated against for being a female attorney, but I've heard of stories... I do occassionally get asked if I'm a paralegal or the secretary, but that doesn't bother me.