Anyone in Italy going to LVR soon ???

  1. Just wondering if anyone was headed to LVR in the next couple of days... I wanted to see if someone would check out the leather on a White Purse :P

    I want one that is WHITE, Shiney and Veiney!!!

    IF I can EVER figure out HOW to place an order from there to the US ???
  2. I think it has been reported that LVR does not stock Balenciaga in their retail store in Florence. You can order it, but cannot actually buy it from their physical store.
  3. I don't know about that, I did call the LVR store (not internet service line) and it seemed like thay had b-bags ... but I didn't ask specifically, just call and ask!
  4. I live in Florence and LVR DOES stock B-bags in their store. I might go there tomorrow and if you want I can check if they have a purse available in store!
  5. what does LVR stand for? sorry for my ignorance....
  6. louisa via roma............

  7. Oh that would be wonderful! How sweet of you!!! I did get an email back and he said the White is an "aged white" ... hmmm... I really wanted one that is more WHITE...
    Please let me know what you find :flowers:

    THANK YOU!!:heart:
  8. girls thank you so much I´ve been wondering what it was!!! I will be checking it online. Thanksssssss:nuts:
  9. Yup ... LVR does indeed stock Balenciaga bags in their store in Florence. However, I found the staff to be rather snooty.

    Some other stores in Italy that stock Balenciaga bags:

    1) Arezzo - Sugar
    2) Perugia - Lino Ricci (there's also a men's store that carries Men's B-Bags)
    3) Siena - Cortecci

    I have the addresses at home (I'm at a business conference at the moment). However, some of the other folks may have the addresses for the above.
  10. Yes, SAs at Luisa are plain *terrible*! But they have a very nice looking doorguy there :rolleyes: .

    In Firenze there is another place stocking BBafs and they are much nicer: it is called Gerard:

    [SIZE=+1]Gerard Company Di Paolo Pecchioli Snc[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]Via Vacchereccia, 18/R[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]50100 Firenze (FI)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=-1]055 215942[/SIZE]
  11. :drool: :graucho: :shame:
  12. Ooooh ooooh ooooh ... I'm adding this to my list!!!! Good thing I'm not going to be there in the near future; I did some SERIOUS damage on this past trip (hence the reason why I posted the 3 other stores above!!!).
  13. It is a very funky shop with loads of great designers. They also stock many male bags.
    And I am allowed to touch and sniff the bags! If I did it at Luisa they would shoot me!!! :roflmfao:
  14. I don't suppose you're allowed to touch the doorman at Luisa, either? :nuts: