Anyone in here works for Chanel?

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  1. I'm just wondering if there's someone here in our Forum who works for Chanel.. I guess if there is.. It would be a very big advantage for all of us.. For all Chanel Lovers. Hehe!
  2. I think there's one tPFer called chanelboy that does.
  3. ohhh that's why he knows everything about Chanel! I wonder if we can ask to buy stuffs for us too. Here in HK d*mn... Chanel is very expensive... Like $4000 HKD price difference!
  4. Yes Chanelboy works in the Chanel boutique in Nordstroms, if i'm not mistaken!
    He is extremely helpful and can help you out with anything you need to know about Chanel, be it Prices, Bag info, or Accessories, he really is knowledgeable.
  5. also DJO (Damian) at Saks....very sweet and incredibly helpful!
  6. Actually, I think there are quite a few sales associates in this subforum. Some never post. I have spoken to sales associates at Nordstrom in Seattle and they definitely read/browse this forum. Also, my SA from Chanel also checks in here from time to time to check out the buzz.:yes:
  7. so our s/a's probably know about it when we gossip, teeheeee
  8. we have at least 6 Chanel SA's here:yes:
    Just want to remind people that there is absolutely no buying or selling here, nor in PMs here.
    You can call them at the store, but don't use tPF to buy please.
    Also, I don't think any of them are willing to risk their job to give a discount.
  9. I had to go back to the original post to understand what you were referring to. Yeah, I'm sure no SA would risk their job by offering discounts. The best I hope for is fabulous customer service!:yes:
  10. LOL!

    this is what I was referring to.
  11. Oh ic! Now I know. Because I can see your posts about the prices, it's really cheap than what my SA usually tell me. Way cheaper. Anyways, thanks!
  12. must be the currency conversion{?}
  13. off topic and COMPLETELY obvious
  14. Nope, not really the currency version. USD 1 = 7.8 HKD here. Chanelboy gave me a price quote for the Perforated Lamskin Flap and it turned out to be HKD $4000 price difference. That's USD $512
  15. Here's the post: The orange perf is 1825 in US and CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one available right now.

    But here in HK, the orange perf is HKD 17400

    Price diff is HKD 3165 or USD $405

    That is quite a huge amount.. And they don't have a lot of varieties here too.