Anyone in here from Belgium... from Brussels?

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  1. Hi girls!

    I absolutely adore this blog (altough I never post - I just like to read all your comments and drool over your pictures).

    I realised that I've never seen a single person from Belgium in here... Am I the only bag fanatic in this country?? :crybaby:

    Please, prove me wrong!!!

    Waiting to here from all of you belgians/non belgians living in Belgium.

    Talk to you soon!
  2. Hi there :smile: I'm not from Brussels, but my fiance is! :smile:
  3. I'll be visiting Brusssels in July.. does that help?? :P

    ps - welcome to the forum and I've seen one or two folks from Brussels around here...
  4. Christine: you've seen a few people from Brussels here? Great, that gives me hope! :P
    Have a great time while you're in Brussels in July!

    Lamiastella: does your BF collect handbags?? :lol:
  5. No, but I do! lmao
  6. Do you have any pics??

    I'm thinking of posting mines in the Bag Showcase section...
  7. Hi! I'm not from Brussels but from Antwerp :wlae:!
    you're definately not the only bag fanatic in Belgium! love this forum soooo much! but be carefulll it's addictive :graucho:!

  8. Antwerp is such a coool place! Love the shops and club scene there!

    I'm already addicted to this forum... I'm at work right now but It's soo boring I spent my time over here!!
  9. BTW Leslie, I loooove your Gucci's, especially the one you got on sale! What a great deal!!!
  10. Code:
    I'm at work right now but It's soo boring I spent my time over here!!
    me toooo! thank god for internet at the workplace!!!

    Antwerp is such a coool place! Love the shops and club scene there!
    I live only 20 min by bus from the center of Antwerp so it's home for me. you never get bored here :smile:

    BTW Leslie, I loooove your 
    Gucci's, especially the one you got on sale! What a great deal!!!
    thanks :flowers:! yes I can remember when I saw the bag on sale. I just grabbed it as fast as I could :graucho:! it was actually not the first days of the sale. I just went back at the store to check things out once again and I saw new gucci-bags on the shelves!!! the SA said they were not intended to put those bags on sale but they eventually did! :wlae:

    and do post your pics in the bagshow!! always love to see someone's collection!!!
  11. Girl, you were sooo lucky to find that bag few days after the sale's start!!
    I usually don't bother to go to the Gucci store after the 1st day of sale... you proved me wrong!
    And btw, have you visited the new Gucci store in Brussels?? It's so pretty and huge!!

    I will probably showcase my bags soon (so far, I have 7 Guccis, 2 Prada, 2 LV and many more!!).
  12. I forget to mention that I didn't purchased it in the gucci store itself. there is another shop with shops-in-shop called SN3 and they've got gucci too. I always go to the gucci store too (not the first days anymore!) but the only thing I (ever) found, was my messenger bag at -30%. especially the first days, there are so many people waiting in front of the store. you actually get sandwiched and they pull and push ... it's not fun and most of the bags are long gone when you finally can enter the store. + a lot of the bags on sale are from previous years

    damn I need to go shopping in Brussels!!

    I'll be waiting here for your pics:nuts:!

    ps do you know if gucci does a presale in belgium like in the USA?
  13. I'll definitely check SN3 next time I'm in Antwerp during sales time!

    You know, the most amazing thing happened to me a few years ago when I was doing the sales at Gucci...
    So, after queing for 2 hours (:cursing:), I finally get in the store and pick up a great red bag and I also decide to take the matching wallet (50% Off so total cost 375 EUR, not bad I tought!!). When I went down strairs to pay my stuff, the SA at the cash desk tells me the amount to pay: 125 EUR!!!
    I said to myself, O.M.G, something's going wrong... he's just charging me the wallet... Of course, I didn't say a word, paid 125 and almost run out the shop before they've realised their mistake!!!

    One of the best days of my life... A free Gucci bag, what else can you ask for?? :drool:
  14. oh and for the pre-sales... I think they do it but you need an invitation! :supacool:
  15. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: OMG! I always dream about something like that but it happened to you in real life:nuts:! you got so lucky, girl!

    last time I bought something in the gucci-shop the SA asked me if I wanted to fill in a form. so naturally I did, but I didn't hear from gucci yet. I hope they're going to give me an invitation!