Anyone in Dallas...SA rec

  1. Does anyone live in Dallas who recommends their SA? I usually go to NM in Northpark for certain things but they don't carry jewelry. I plan to go to the chanel boutique in Highland Park Village this week.

  2. If you go to teh boutique, I work w/ Alexis {male}.
    I prefer to shop at the Shops of Willowbend NM though and I wholeheartedly recommend Shannon, she's the Chanel Specialist there and is very knowledgable.
  3. Swanky... Thanks!!!! Let me ask you the NM @ willowbend doesn't carry jewelry right? When I go to either boutique I will ask for those SA's
  4. yes, she has a few cases of Chanel jewelry:yes:
    Stock changes very frequently though, you may want to call and see how her stock is.