Anyone in Australia ?

Apr 20, 2006
i might be going to Australia for a few days, anyone here knows if any store in Sydney or Melbourne sells Balenciaga bags ?

thanks !


Sep 25, 2010
My friend... trust me, buying Bal bag in Australia would be a serious financial mistake. This not so little island of ours is known for charging ridiculous prices for things, especially with Bal not having its own boutiques here. Here is the website of one of the boutiques that carry the brand here:

Just compare their prices to Bals US retail prices...

I would recommend emailing Aloha Rag and ask about the particular style/ colour that you are after. You can also let them know your leather preference so they can find a bag that suits your needs. They do free international shipping, there is also membership discount. You would be responsible for import duty & tax if there is any.

I bought 2 bags from them in the last 2 months, and are really happy with their products and service. I hope this helps.


Baghappy =)
Jan 6, 2009
Hi Twinkie,

Sydney has a couple of places which sell Balenciagas but they are priced a lot higher as Australia charges merchants high import taxes and they have to price in high shipping costs as well. You will however be able to claim your 10% GST back when you leave the country though so thats a plus.

1) Parlour X, Paddington

2) Cosmopolitan Shoes, Double Bay

In Melbourne there is

3) Miss Louise, The Westin Hotel



Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
I wouldn't buy from Oz if you are coming here for a holiday: enjoy the holiday instead!

Even with the 10% GST off, Oz prices are still well over what you would get from US or UK or Europe. And, your ranges are so much bigger!

I adore Cultstatus, and buy from there whenever it is new-season stuff that I really don't want to wait for, and because Lily provides such excellent service.

The girls at Parlour X are also very nice. But then again, as bagilicious says, Oz import tax on luxury items makes Bal bags from Oz quite prohibitive for even we locals, so that we buy many brand-new and pre-loved bags from overseas.

If you really want to buy a Bal bag, I'd suggest following karenwk's advice of emailing Aloharag, and also ******.

Good luck with finding your dream bag, and have a great time in Oz. Truly, everything about it is wonderful - except for brand-new Bbag prices;)