Anyone in Australia?

  1. Hey all,

    Many may be following but I am deciding whether or not to make a move. I have been in a rut here in Vancouver for the last couple of months - year and would really just want to explore things. My schooling is great (I can do my program through online) and the funds have been taken care of now.

    Just wanting to hear from some people who live in Australia and to tell me a bit a bout it. What it's like? how does the job market look? Price of rent? just basics really.

    I am planning to take a new years trip to the top pick of where I may want to move to feel it out and if all is good, I'll be expecting to move in Spring.

    Thanks for all the help! :smile:
  2. OOohhh, I've always wanted to go to Australia, but the long plane ride has always put me off
  3. Ooh! Surprise no one has replied to this yet. There's lots of Aussies on here.

    Job market is pretty good. I think the unemployment rate is at an all time low, not sure of the exact percentage. It will depend on your field of work also! You can check out jobs at and

    Rent cost would depend on which city you live in. Sydney is the most expensive, followed by Melbourne. The further out you live, the cheaper the rent will be. Melbourne and Sydney both have pretty good public transport. Can't speak for other cities.

    I've had a few relatives from the US visit and they love it here. My aunt wants to retire here. It's a bit more relaxed than the US.

    One downside is that designer stuff, like handbags, are very expensive here. :sad:

    Hope that helps!
  4. Nice work leanbeanee :tup:

    I'm in Perth, Western Australia, and we are in the midst of an "Resourses Boom" as the media types like to say.
    There is so much well paying work available, so a lot of people are moving here to make the most of the boom. Consequently, rental and property prices have gone up, but things are starting to settle down there.

    Great idea to have a look around first, before deciding to move. Do you have any idea where you are going to visit? I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

  5. I'm a native Aussie, but I've been living in Europe for around five years now. I definitely appreciate Australia a lot more these days! If I don't get back at least once per year I start to go a little loo-la!

    I have heard Vancouver is quite similar to Brisbane in terms of the city pace, but I personally love Sydney. Melbourne is probably a little more refined than Sydney, but I just love the big city lights:woohoo:

    Would you be looking to take a 12 month break perhaps or something more permanent? If you have any questions I'm more than happy to help!
  6. Australia huh, hope it works out for ya! :heart:
  7. We're probably moving to Perth soon and cannot believe the prices of real estate there. It's actually overtaken Sydney in terms of cost of living as the most expensive place in Australia.

    Yep, unemployment is at an all time low. The people are fantastic, the weather's generally great, the food is AMAZING, the shopping is pretty good, the beaches are divine, the lifestyle is wonderful. Did I mention how fantastic Aussie's are? lol.

    It really is a great place to, if only we could get our butts back to Melbourne (that's my city of choice! lol).
  8. Wow! Thanks everyone for your input!

    At the moment I am just a account manager type. I still school online, but my main focus is really just going out there to explore. Vancouver is my "home" but I'd love to find a home away from home. :biggrin:

    I'm definitely thinking of Sydney, I love the city life too. And with rental costs in Vancouver, I'm sure I'll be able to find the budget.

    The only down fall is the expensive handbags! :p Noooooo. :p

    Thanks for the link Leanbeanee! I'll definitely check those out!
  9. You should enrol with some recruitment agencies before/when you come over. I'm working in recruitment now and I think there are quite a few positions for account managers (though I'm not in Sydney so can't help you there sorry). You'll love it in Sydney! You should know that people from Sydney/Melbourne are moving up to Brisbane (where I live) by the bus loads though - yes I'm totally biased :lol:

    Good luck with your move, and feel free to pm me if you want to ask anything general (my knowledge of Sydney is limited obviously!). :heart:
  10. I'm from Sydney.

    Depends where you place yourself in Australia.

    I find Sydney the most expensive place to live in Australia. My relatives came down from Vancouver complained how expensive the food is in Sydney.
    Shopping is probably a little more expensive, especially designer bags.
    Upside is that Spring and Summer is coming and the beaches are beautiful here.
    If you tend to come towards the end of the year....might be not as much jobs until the beginning of the next year. From what i can see in the newspapers there is a lot of accounts jobs.
    Relatively, cheap to travel interstate to go shopping in Melbourne or hiking in Tasmania or go to the theme parks in Queensland.
    I still wouldn't trade Sydney for any other states.
  11. You'll do well here!
  12. Lol Bern, I'm biased because I'm an Aussie (woooohooooo!). Can't wait to move home!
  13. Cal, you're coming back to timtams! :yahoo:
  14. Yep! Can't wait!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:.