Anyone in Australia got the Miroir Lockit yet?

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  1. Anyone? Is it released in Australia yet?:confused1: Thanks!!
  2. I know there are some in Sydney but none are coming to my store:tdown:
  3. I'll know when they've arrived in Brisbane when a certain eBay seller lists it :p
  4. There seems to be more miroir lockits on eBay than the whole of Australia will receive:nuts:
  5. ^^ Haha, so right Shalomjude! :lol:
  6. I've noticed that too.. and their collective BIN prices will be more than the whole of Australia could pay! :blink:
  7. I thought there's only 1 LV store in Sydney?!:confused1:

    or do you mean you are from another state??
  8. ^ the other boutique is at The Rocks. ;)
  9. Okay, thanks Ducky! ;)
    So Sydney has some bling bling miroir lockits yet?? Will all the states get it at the same time?
  10. So was there any in the gold coast stores?
  11. I dunno I don't get the hype about this bag - well from photos anyway - imagine the blinding glare it would give off in the sun!
  12. ^ Wouldn't that be HOT?! :drool:
  13. Just spoke to my SA. There's no guarantee I'll get both colours, but she did ask me to pick a preference, and I chose gold. Hopefully I get even ONE.
  14. ^^ That is great news for you:yahoo:
  15. Do you mean they have already been released in Sydney? Thanks!:p