Anyone in a sorority/fraternity?

  1. Gah! They are so expensive. I love my sorority and I'm lucky to have such great sisters, but damn I have to my spending this summer because I have to pay dues in the fall! I keep wanting to shop until I remember I have to shell out $300 for dues (ours is the most expensive on campus!), $270 for parking by the house, and then another $200-300 on gifts for my little ( a little sister is someone you are a mentor/guide for - you buy them tons of gifts like a Secret Santa and they have to guess who you are).

    I'm okay with spending money on my future little. I find out who she is in the fall. I want to spoil her like NO other, I can't wait. I love shopping for other people (possibly even more than shopping for myself).

    so, tPFers, tell me about your sorority experience. Do you like it? Or..are any young girls looking to do formal recruitment in the fall?
  2. i was a 3rd generation legacy, but my parents didn't really "get" the whole concept of how much sororities really cost. they wouldn't give me the money that i needed, so i found myself taking on a job just to support my sororoity expenses.

    it became incredibly stressful, and my grades suffered. i was constantly in conflict with my sorority because of my job (they had meetings that needed attending, and events on weekends)

    i eventually depledged. my mother was deeply disapppointed that i couldn't pull it all off...but she wouldn't help me with the expenses involved (my parents are wealthy) but she couldn't understand all the money that i needed for "lil sis" gifts, party stuff, etc.

    i regret having to leave, i had wondeful friends. but i had to make a decision to maintain my studies, and not worry about money all the time.

    as an adult, i don't really think it means much now. but i feel bad that i can't pass on the tradition to my daughter, as i "broke the chain"
  3. I pledged a sorority in college and because of the state laws where I attended, there were no sorority houses on campus.

    At first, I loved it but as time went by, I became less than enthused. :p This was back in the early 80's and yes, it was expensive back then, too, and we didn't have a house. I know that all campuses are different, people are different, etc., etc., but when it was 'suggested' that I wear a certain type of sweater and it was 'suggested' that I not date guys from a certain fraternity - I was outta there.

    I joined a service sorority after that and loved it.
  4. I was in a Sorrority in Undergrad a million years ago. I loved it and my parents helped me out with some of the dues and the rest I paid for with money from work.
  5. I was in one, and I LOVED in, but the girls weren't catty and no ones grades every suffered from over-planning of events and meetings (I guess that happens at a school full of smarties..LOL). Your dues are so cheap! Ours were around $1000/SEMESTER! And that did not include meals, parking, t-shirts, anything. But that was a pretty average price on my campus, but still.:cursing: Thank goodness my parents paid for all of it.;)