Anyone ideas about cell phone case?

  1. If anyone has an LV cell phone case, please let me know:yes:. I have a new phone from Verizon. It's a Samsung i760. I'd been leaning toward a Blackberry or Palm Treo or even changing servers and getting the iPhone. The manager said this one had a lot more capability than an iPhone or the other 2, so now I have this phone that I don't know how to use and no case!
    (Learning session for me will be next Monday afternoon:lol:)
    He told me I needed to get a good case to protect the front of it where I'll be using the stylus. Does LV have many different sizes of cases? I looked online and got a little frustrated..there is one for the iPhone as well as one other style (it would be too big and the iPhone case is too slim). Does LV have more variety in the stores for cell phone cases? I can't get to the boutique without a very long trip, so would like to buy on eluxury or online. For now, I'm using my MC Alma or Trouville, so the alcantara is nice and soft. Would love to have a case that is LV if I can find one! ;)
    P.S....dimensions of the phone are 2.25 in x 4.5 in x 0.75 in, so the case has to be just a tiny bit bigger than the phone. TIA for suggestions:smile: