anyone here who just likes using small bags

  1. like wristlets, pochettes, clutches. there are some girls who likes carrying them, i'm one of them, but sometimes i do carry medium sized bags, but most of the time, they work for me (small bags)
  2. I love small bags, they are just sooooo cute and easy to carry...but they are not always big enough, so I do have some bigger bags. But I'm not a fan of the massive ones that are popular right now - I don't need to carry my whole world around with me!
  3. I don't like the big bag trend either. Apart from a work bag, all my bags are medium or smaller. I hate carrying too much extra weight around.
  4. i'm a bigger girl so i always thought i'd enjoy carrying a bigger bag, and i have a few that fit the description, but my fave is my Kooba Bonnie and she's kinda tiny ;)
  5. I like my smaller messenger bags ( ie Mulberry antony) so i can just carry the essentials most days and a medium sized bag for work. I'm not keen on huge bags either!
  6. I don't like huge bags at all, but a wristlet usually isn't enough for me. I have children, and while they are all out of diapers, I still usually carry a number of things for them (especially in the summer) like SPF, water and sunglasses.
  7. I pretty much only use small bags--I generally don't need to carry very much around and I don't see the point of having a giant empty (and heavy!) bag. Besides, there are so many cute small bags!
  8. Small to medium for me, although lately it seems my bags have been getting bigger. That's probably because I like more and more bags!

    But those bags that are big enough to hold your closet - not for me.
  9. I agree, the giant massive bags are not for me. I feel as if all I do is hunt for stuff in the bottom.

    I like small to medium bags where the contents are easy to find and accessible. Although I must admit to liking some of the designs of bigger bags.

    Yay for little bags.
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  10. I feel I have to carry a large bag. Whenever I downsize to a smaller one, I always leave something important out. I love the look and feel of smaller bags though.
  11. I carry a wristlet if I can, if not I carry a small purse. That's big enough for me! I do carry larger bags for school, if I am carrying my laptop, etc.
  12. I love small bags. I don't cart around a lot of stuff, so I sometimes go bagless or use a small bag. I can't fill up a big bag, so I have yet to buy one!
  13. Me tooo...I love small bags. One that i am using right now is the cherry poppin satchel by betsey Johnson. Not a very expensive bag, but extremely well made and adorable too :smile:I actually have the larger version as well, and find that i hardly use it. I also have a bosca seychelles tote. This is also small, and relatively inexpensive. It goes with so much.
  14. yey! nice input, ladies! ladysalesrep, your bags are cute!! what's stopping me from carrying big bags is my scoliosis, that's why whenever i carry medium sized bag, it's not stuffed with too much things. with small/tiny bags, i only carry what i need and it's good for me too!
  15. Small bags rock! I think it depends on your build- smaller women tend to favor the smaller bags to scale properly. That means petite women are required to be quite organized...
    P.S. The wristlet/cles is the greatest women's accessory ever invented!