Anyone here who are/has been dealing with anxiety?

  1. If you have it do you do anything specific to be able to live with it?
    If you have gotten rid of it how did you do?
  2. i've dealt with anxiety issues for years....i had a stress ulcer when i was 13!

    i used to self medicate with alcohol (i DO NOT reccomend this :smile:) but over the last year i've been working with a great team of mental health professionals. we've found a medication cocktail that makes my life 1000x more bearable....but i've also learned skills to help manage the moments when i'm overwhelmed (either for a good reason or for no reason at all)

    things that help me most
    1) the mantra "i do what i can and that's all i can do."

    2) learning my triggers and how my body responds to stress. for instance...if i start to shake or my chest feels heavy or my stomach is in knots i take three deep breaths and count to 10....if it doesn't stop, it's time to leave the situation for a few minutes. go outside, make a cup of tea, take a shower, do anything but what i'm currently doing.

    3) coming up with a plan for situations you know will cause you stress. for instance, i get very nervous around large groups. if i know i'm going to be in a large group setting i make sure i bring a support person. when i arrive i scout the room for exits in case i need to disappear discreetly. if something happens and i suddenly disappear, my support person knows where to look for me to see whether i need them with me or if i need them to cover for me if someone asks where i am. sometimes knowing you have a plan will keep you so calm you never have to use it.

    4) i've learned to take care of myself first. get the sleep i need, take the time i need, use my escape plans if things get to be too much. i used to worry about people judging me or my job being impacted or people not wanting to hang out with me anymore if i ever said no to anything or showed any weakness at all.....but i've realized that sometimes you need to leave the party early, you have to take a day off work, you need to skip the family gathering. don't avoid things because they make you anxious, but you can't take care of anyone if you are falling apart.

    ETA #5: my dog! it's scientifically proven that the repetitive motion and tactile sensation of petting/grooming an animal is calming....and walks are a great way/excuse to take a break from something. there's also something to be said for having the unconditional love of an absolute confidant (its not like your dog or cat will tell your worries and secrets!). and they're SO happy!! it's hard to be preoccupied when everything in the whole wide world is oh so very very exciting for her! it makes you see everything in a very different and more positive way. i honestly believe my dog and i rescued each other.....but that's a different story for a different time. :smile:

    however....FOR ME none of those skills would work without my meds (ymmv). my life with and without medication is like day and night. it's definitely something you might want to look into if this is an ongoing problem for you.

    good luck! :flowers:
  3. I think the question might be, is there anyone here that is not having or has not had dealings with anxiety........:confused1::heart:H
  4. I know what triggers it with me, and it rarely happens in my everyday life. I talked to my doctor about it a year or so ago, and I was told to "break the cycle" (physical discomfort triggers more anxiety which triggers more physical discomfort etc). I never figured out how to do that though.
    And when it happens to me it's where I'm not able to get out of the situation for a little while. And unfortunately the after effects can stay with me for months sometimes if it has been really bad.
    I'm not a big fan of shrinks as I'm a very private person. I'm not a big fan of medications either as I'm afraid it just hides the symptoms instead of getting rid of them. Which means I'll never get rid of it.
  5. Yes, you will not get rid of it but find the coping skills to stop the cycle. Do investigate every option open to you, whether you are private or not ,and I am sure no one is a fan of meds., but, be open to solutions and consultations with professionals., Come on Rain, you deserve to be anxious-free!!!!!!!!You are worthy, worthy, worthy and
    needn't worry about who you let down, now.........go get help Girl.....You deserve it!!!!:heart:H

  6. i have to be as open as possible to all the options... if ur seeing a therapist & ur not honest with them, how can get the full benefit? it'll only take u so far.....

    meds work for some people better than others, if one doesn't work for u, it may be that the dosage needs adjusting, or some other prescription might work better...

    and the suppressal of symptoms? don't knock it! :yes: you may find that you can focus on other things bc ur no longer dealing with sooo many things piling on you at once..... lightening the load is the first step toward recovery....

    good luck!
  7. Medication does not have to just supress an issue, but to create a conducive mental environment to actually work on that issue.

  8. I did try some pills once I got from my doctor. It's not for me, because I know if the anxiety has already been triggered (travelling often does that), it will stay with me and I'll have to take a new pill as soon as the other one wears off. Plus it only takes the worst symptoms. I'm sure medication might help some people, but it's not for me.
  9. I suffered from anxiety a few years ago and I refused to take medications becuase I fealt it wouldn't really solve anything. It wouldn't get rid of the cause.
    When I figured out the cause and dealt with it, thats when my anxiety went away. It did leave some traces, where I get anxious really quickly over certain issues but I just take it slow and work through them....

  10. I feel the same way. I want to get rid of it, not just the symptoms. As I mentioned travelling often triggers it, and I have absolutely no idea why.
  11. Some people can deal with it on their own and others need some medication. I am of the latter and I think DH would agree that's the way it has to be. A close friend of mine was on meds and decided to try things without. She did a lot of meditation, positive reinforcement, and yoga but found after a few months without her meds that she was getting worse increased panic attacks. Some people can use those techniques with much success and others need a little seratonin boost.