Anyone here visit the Limerick PA outlet yesterday?

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  1. I ask because as I was entering the store, I heard someone who was leaving say "I'm not feeling anything here." It's such a TPF expression I wondered if it was any of you ladies!

    Items of note were the Ergo convertible totes in magenta (seriously tempted), several pleated ergo satchels, and one lone Lindsey I picked up and put down multiple times.
  2. lol! no it wasnt me but i have been there a few times in the past couple of months but just never seem to find anything there. Maybe next time i go i will get lucky. Do you visit there often? Are there any other outlets in PA you shop at? I like hershey alot and the vf outlet in reading also. Not as big as the one in Limerick but they do always seem to have something i want.
  3. I rarely find anything at Limerick.
  4. I was at Limerick last night, there were some good deals to be had in the clearance section but not anything new to the clearance section.
  5. I went to Limerick today and picked up a few things. They are doing inventory Sunday, after closing. I imagine they will put more stuff out after that.
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    Did you get anything fun?
  7. Not really. I got a magenta convertible bag and wristlet. I wished I could have found a wallet of the same color. I saw a Signature one with the stripe but it looked kind of picked over.