Anyone here take thyroid med?

  1. Just wanted to see if anyone else is on any type of thryoid med for either under/over active thryoid? I started out with under active. Was always tired, cold, headache and no period for 6 mos. Dr. checked after 6 mos and still not strong enough so upped med. I've now had 3 periods in the last 6 weeks so will be calling again. ANyone else ever go through this?
  2. I am supposed to be on medication for overactive thyroid. I had several of the same symptoms as you, my fingers and toes swelled up so much I couldnt wear shoes. We originally thought maybe it was a spider bite haha. Then they thought I had thyroid cancer for quite awhile, and when that was ruled out they decided I must have an overactive thyroid (I was only 16, which I guess is kind of young for this? So thats why they didn't think of it right off they told me... like cancer is any more common?hah) So I started taking the medication, but unfortunately I had bad side effects. My heart raced all the time, I'd wake up in a horrible sweat. So I stopped taking the medicine and have just been dealing with the symptoms. Good luck with balancing your medicine, I know how hard it can be!
  3. My mom had been on meds for years, I think hers is underactive, if I remember correctly.

    She's never really had problems with her meds, but she's been told by her docs that at some point she's going to have to have surgery to get rid of a growth she has on her thyroid.

    Like I said she's never really had issues with her meds, so if you are suddenly having problems going to the doctor like you've planned sounds like a good idea. :tup:
  4. I have underactive thyroid, and it took awhile to get the right dosage. You should be getting blood tests every few weeks to see the TSH levels. It's different for everybody, but there are "ranges" of healthy levels. You need to tell your Doc everything that's going on, so they can help you find the right dosage.

    I'm needing to go get checked again, as my periods are also becoming crazy. I've been taking replacement therapy for almost ten years.

    Cheer up, you'll feel better once things get straightened out! *hugs*
  5. My mom is on thyroid medication. She had her thyroid removed when I was in the 11th grade because of large goiter (size of her fist, with nodules that wrapped around the windpipe and the Cartoid Artery.

    My grandmother always said she had a fat neck, but nobody from us ever noticed it because we saw her everyday. Grandma only saw her once a year when we visited Germany.
  6. Wow, lamiastella. I'm glad they removed it!

    Thankfully, I never had any goiters or nodules. I guess there are 2 kinds of underactives: those who have had the thyroid removed and thus no hormone at all, and those who just don't produce enough.

    I've always secretly wished that if I could switch my underactive to overactive I would, imagine the energy and weight loss! That's a bit silly, though. :rolleyes:
  7. lol, fab :smile:

    Yeah, it is good that they got it removed. None of her doctors ever said anything about it either, until our old doc got PCSed (military medicine) and her new one said "Why is your neck so fat?"...After that she went to specialists at Bethesda NNMC and had it taken care of. She had to do speech therapy for a while since she had to get used to what it was like talking without a restricted windpipe. Also had trouble swallowing for a few days, but that went by quickly.

    After her surgery, she always walked with her head kinda tilted down. I asked her why, and finally she told me that she was scared her head was going to fall off or something. HAHAHA! :roflmfao: Silly mom!

    Everything is fine now. Can't even see that she has a scar on her neck. The doctor made the incision in one of the little folds that you have in your neck, so you can't see it at all
  8. My mom had an overactive thyroid after she gave birth and because it was the 80s, they destroyed her thyroid altogether with radioactive thyrodine. So now, she has a completely underactive thyroid and she has to take a pill every day. I don't think she has too many problems but she does have to get checked out every year to make sure she's taking the correct dosage.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I did find a lab slip from last visit. She did say the medicine is slow working and I may go from under to over active. I heard this is a very common thing (thryoid disorders) and many woman think they are starting menopause but its actually thryoid.