Anyone here still using Twinkle.Tink's TPF Purse Charm?

  1. I do. I bought 2 from Twinkle.Tink and had the other one gold plated. Here's what it looks like now...eyeloveit! matches well with my bags gold hardware. :love:

  2. I got 2 as well but haven't gotten around to plating it yet but yes I still have mine haven't spotted any out and about yet though
  3. They are cute! I wanted to ask, are the edges sharp on the rectangular piece? They look like they could scratch your bag.
  4. haven't spotted anyone else out here either (Houston). but i always hang it as my purse charm on my LVs (and Guccis) wherever I go. ;)

    thanks again to Twinkle.Tink :woohoo:
  5. it's very smooth, no rough edges. for the price i paid, it's very well made, great quality. :okay:
  6. I was a little late to the forum to snag one but I love how yours looks gold plated! - and i'm a mostly silver girl ;)
  7. Looks gorgeous!
  8. I didnt know she made gold ones! I want one :] i have 2 silver ones and they are too cutee
  9. How much did they cost? And does she still sell them?
  10. she didn't have the gold ones, she only had silver ones. i had to pay my jeweler to have it gold-plated. :okay:

    i'm not sure if Twinkle.Twink's still selling them. you can send her a PM. ;)

    the tpf purse charm, i believe was only $6.50 each plus shipping? i can't remember. gold-plating cost me $20. i think it costs more than that ($65 or more) from other jewelers. :yes:
  11. wow that looks great.... Its nice to have both the sliver and gold for different bags :smile:
  12. yeeeup. still use mine and love it!
  13. what!? where the heck have I been? I love it!

    I want one...:shucks:
  14. Yep, I have mine, although a few of the charms broke off (my bad, boo hoo). But I still have the tPF rectangle!

    Thanks again, Tink!
  15. where did you get it?

    Who is this "twinkle.tink"?