Anyone here shop at

  1. I gotta say, that site's one of my favorite skincare/makeup sites. They've got a great variety of brand names and products, from cheap nonames to high end.

    I love getting Shiseido and SK-II products from them, as well as cheap asian brand sheet masks. :p
  2. I never heard of it, but I will check it out. I love sites like that.
  3. oh... i LOVE this site. they carry some laneige, mamonde, kose, and several other Japanese and Korean brands that i like to use. i just wish they carried more products from these brands.

    they're VERY reliable... i always buy a bunch of products at a time, and get free shipping. i also like that i can pay with paypal. shipping is pretty fast... 5-7 days from HK to Minnesota. i also like the little freebie samples they include.
  4. I prefer to go to their shop cos i find some of their imported products that r sold online expensive... i mean, double the price..