Anyone here sell on eBay as their fulltime job?

  1. I've always thought about it... id be interested to hear other peoples stories! :smile:
  2. I do. It's been pretty good for the past year but always could be better. I go to school full time and don't have time to get a real job so eBay really helps me out. Pays for my Star bucks,gas, food,bills,and a little extra to play around with.
  3. I did that when i was unemployed for about 8 months. i wasn't exactly making a lot of money, just making enough to have my bills paid on time.
  4. Thats basically all I'm doing right now, but I have no bills and am just doing it for fun :smile: I couldn't see myself doing it for any real profit. I just sell odds and ends that are collecting dust.
  5. No! And I'd be hopeless - I find it very stressful sometimes as it is without feeling my livelihood depended on it. I admire those who do but know my limitations!

  6. can i ask what you sell?
  7. i've thought about it. i wish i could. right now it's pretty part time but it's can be a lot especially over the holidays.
  8. Same here. :yes:
    I sell books I'm done reading and right now I'm weeding out my shoe and and clothing closet since I have things I've barely worn. I'm amazed at the amount of space I have now!
  9. I would never keep my eggs in one basket so to speak
    Very unwise to rely on just E bay for an income

    They can and do pull the plug on some great sellers overnight
    I just noticed they have suspended an E bay shop in London , mad
  10. ^^My neighbor's sole business is to buy, fix up and sell sports cards. Apparently it's a lucrative business but I've always wondered how it could possibly make them THAT much money. Oh well.
  11. my BF has done it for 6 years, and hes going to start his full real full time job as a consultant since we just graduated college. He has a huge reputation and great feedback on eBay from selling sports cards, fgures, memoribilia that he sold on consignment for other people. He bought out 2 whole stores from down south when they were going out of business and sold that! He has over 13,200 feedback, Im his shipping dept :heart:

    It makes a surprising amount of money, hes paid for his new Acura, rent, and tons of things..
  12. that's what I'm doing now while on disability after botched back surgery, it's something to do and gives me a bit of extra money
  13. wow! thats great news for u all.... i wish i could have some luck.... just waiting....
  14. I sell more when I'm noticing that I'm running out of closet space or I'm trying to free up cash. It's amazing what I can do. I always make at least a couple hundred dollars with every time I sell a bunch of stuff.

    I don't do it full time, but I definitely sell something every month at least.
  15. i do cause i can not work and i have to work from home. i built up a good following and it took awhile to build up a good reputation. and now i am doing really well. i sell high end stuff. also i am cleaning out stuff in my house. but always high end and current items. it can be really really good around the hoildays. you have to save the money you make when you do well the times that it is slow. hope that helps.