Anyone here seen fellow TPR'S post pics of shady bags?

  1. Okay, so I have been sitting on this subject for a while because I did not want to come across as a "hater" or offend anyone but their are so many postings on this forum about the repulsiveness of fakes that I finally decided to bring it up. I am not that frequent of a TPF poster and by no means an "EXPERT" on the authenticity of any particular brands bags, but is it just me or have other people on this forum spotted TPFERS posting pics of shady looking bags in their "collection" or their great new purchase and watched everyone else "ooh and ahh" and congratulate them when the bag is "suspicious" looking. I say "suspicious" looking because like I said, I am no expert, but there are a lot of people on this forum who claim to be and yet say nothing (at least not to my knowledge) when these bags are posted. Is that because it would just be rude? Do you suppose maybe they PM the person to inform them, or just prefer to not burst their bubble? Are there just not any fakes posted on here and I am crazy? I remember one specific instance when a TPFER posted pics of her two "BNWT" MJ'S she had bought off eBay for "great deals" and one of them (a mini stam) had all this plastic around the handles. To me that was an obvious indicator that the bag was a counterfeit, due to the impact a particular conversation I had with the handbag department supervisor at Saks SCP had on my brain a few years back. I was in the process of buying MY FIRST MJ bag, and when she brought it out from the back (adorable black quilted banana hobo) I asked why it didn't have any "protective wrapping" on the handles (I had only seen pics of the bag on eBay before that and all the supposedly *NEW AUTHENTIC* bags had that plastic!). She kind of smirked at my youthful ignorance and explained that *NO* MJ bags or most any high end designers for that matter apply that unsightly cellophane to the leather or hardware of their products for "protection" (if anything they use tissue wrapping), and that plastic cellophane on the handles was a counterfeit giveaway (mostly China manufactured) when scene on any "designer" bag. Now, is it possible that the Saks rep was just being a "know it all" and that some designers do use that wrapping? I don't know. Like I said, I am not an expert. But that is not the first indicator of "fakes" that I have seen posted on this forum that *weren't* in the "authenticate this blank* sections, just tfpers posting pics of their beloved bags that for all I know very much believe their bag is real. And it could be! I guess what i am wondering is, am I the only one who has been VERY SUSPICSIOUS some other TPFER'S bags on here, or am I just being cynical? And if that TFPers Stam was fake, how come everyone was congratulating her on her new bag rather than pointing out the truth? Surely I am not the only one who has been informed of the "plastic wrapping" giveaway? Any opinions on this matter would be very interesting to me, because I really am just curious, not trying to stir up any trouble!

  2. The whole high-end designer plastic thing is false. Louis Vuitton uses loose plastic wrapping for their handles when it is shipped out (usually removed before bag is given to a customer) and some of their hardware is covered in that clear blue sticker thing.

    Regarding the fake issue... Some members truly don't know that their bag is fake and just want to share their happiness with someone. Why rain on their parade? I dont believe that posting "EW YOUR BAG IS SOOO FAKE" in their thread is ok because if the member didn't know, you just embarassed them in a rude way. It's definitely better to send a nice PM to that member and ask them about.
  3. You're not alone on this. I'm no expert either. I can only tell if a bag is fake in real life. So in pics, unless is blatantly obvious, I wouldn't be able to tell. I have to see the inside and feel it as well. I've seen a lot of bags on TPF, and some did seem suspicious to me, but I never said anything b/c I'm no expert. There are a lot of ppl here that are way better at detecting fakes than I am. I, also, thought that plastic wrapping on handles indicate that a bag is fake. I saw it on someone's LV collection. But I didn't know for sure if that means it's a fake, so I didn't say anything.

    Just read your post Mello, thanks for clarifying about the plastic wrapping. I actually do know about the clear blue sticker things since my Lv Josephine bag had that (purchase from Elux so definitely authentic). Anyway, I would never post a comment that their bag looks fake. That's just rude.
  4. I am no expert either, but I know that when people post fake bags then people would say something! I think however that is wrong because taht is embarrasing! Better is to pm some one about it.
    Lousi Vuitton bags do come with plastic at the handles. They do that so it can be protected. It doesn't mean t is fake!
  5. Interesting to know the plastic wrap rule is not universally true. And regarding it being rude to point out that someone's bag is "fake" in an open post, I completely agree! (That is of course why I did not make any comment about the girls bag). I only raised the subject due to the all the passionate rants I had read on here regarding disgusting fakes (and the universal support of these rants from other tpfers). I completely understand buyers not being aware of owning a fake bag and it being plain to rude to "rain on their parade", I just found the found the subject a tad contradictory in this forum and was curious of other's thoughts. Thanks for you're insight :smile:
  6. The opposite happens too sometimes--authentic bags get labeled fake. In other words, it's a fallible system. People are working from photos which can distort and people sometimes want to feel they know more than they do. Still, overall, tpf members have probably helped more people avoid buying fakes and helped them in the process of returning fakes than they have miscalled fakes as real and miscalled real bags as fakes, so, I think everything said has to be evaluated in terms of what information is provided and how knowledgable someone is thought to be. One-word "fake" replies don't really help all that much in my opinion because it's hard to know what the assessment is based upon (a giveaway in a photo? a distorted or bad photo?) and unless one believes in gurus, and I don't, usually it's nice to understand the reasoning process, in case it's wrong-headed. I realize that people don't always have a lot of time, but those sorts of posts are just not all that valuable in my opinion. Are they better than nothing? Sometimes--some fakes really are so bad, it's grotesquely obvious. But, the more detailed information offered by members is invaluable, sompared to the one-worders, and for that I think we should all be extremely grateful. I don't think we should be gushing over bags we think are counterfeit. I haven't seen that happen in my experience, but I have seen genuine bags on ebay called fake on occasion (not that often).
  7. ^^^very insightful response. Agree 100% it can go both ways, that's why i would never assume a bag is fake simply based on a photo, but I definitely would be weary of (at least in my mind) obvious pointers to a fake. For me the "obvious" pointer on the MJ photos were the plastic wrapping on the handle that I had been told MJ did not do , but I still would not claim to be for certain. However, even though it may be rude to point out a fake, you should definitely not gush over one you believe is suspicious either. Thanks for the input:yes:
  8. Wow I didn't know that about MJ bags, but I know that LV does put loose plastic coverings on their handles. That is how my bags from Eluxury come, so I never really thought about that as a sign of a fake, since I know eluxury sells authentic.
  9. I own several designer handbags, all purchased from either NM, SAKS or Bergdorfs (in store, online and over the phone), and they sometimes came with wrappings to protect the hardware, or not. It might be a light foam; plastic (kind that you find on the face of a new watch) over hardware on the outside (my Gucci Britt came that way); or even a wrapped small cardboard covering. I never got any bags that had the leather handles covered in bubble wrapping or plastic though. It's been my experience that a lot of SAs in stores are not even familiar with the style names much less familiar on how the bag is packaged so I would be cautious about relying completely on their perceived knowledge. I know this from recent experience when I was hunting down Chloe, Gucci, MJ and YSL bags. They would explain the bags as the "It's a MJ bag" etc. and then proceed to describe the design to me. That's how I figure out what bag they have available. All I'm saying is, just b/c someone works in a store, or department, does not make them an expert on the items they are selling.
  10. Agree! Even when I see a bag being suspicious, I'm no expert so I dismiss the thought, plus I trust most TPF members.
  11. There have been incidents where members posted fakes. One that sticks out in my mind involved a member who posted picks of an LV Perfo bag and a Juicy bag that looked fake. Another member managed to find the same photos on iOffer. This person was stealing pics of bags from iOffer and posting them as her own collection. I think it's sad really that this person felt the need to try to "fit in" by posting these pics.
    Other than that, if you see someone doing this, it's best to PM a mod about it.

  12. I've given some thought about situations such as this. They want to fit in with who they think are the majority on this forum. They don't understand that the majority of pfers don't own tons of $2k designer bags. IMO the percentage of those individuals is a lot lower than it may seem at the surface. I agree that if a mod should be contacted if someone posts fakes or copies photos belonging to others and stating that it's theirs. I'd let them do what they do best. After all I'm no expert and can't give advice about what's real and what's not.
  13. SAs at deptartment stores are rarely as up on things as die hard fans from tPF
  14. I ordered about a year ago from Nordstrom a MJ Stam. It was a special order directly from MJ. My SA brought it out to me straight out of the box and the chain strap had plastic on it. I was so surprised because it was so untouched and NEW, but it was the first time I had seen MJ with the plastic protection.
  15. while i do agree, it's just not possible for every person who is authenticating to write out a whole answer. it's time consuming and it gets pretty repetitive. and, at least in the coach forum, if there is ANY level of doubt (something looks off, not sure, maybe a weird camera angle), the person almost always asks for someone elses opinion to either confirm or say otherwise.

    when i go into other forums, i do my research and see what has been previously said about checking bags- that way i know a few things to look for when they confirm fake (or real).