Anyone here regularly do pilates?

  1. What does it involve, do you enjoy it and how often do you go?

  2. I have been doing pilates off and on for the past 4 years. I began by going to a studio so I could get the moves down. If you start at home with videos, it is very difficult to get the correct posture and breathing.
    Start off with a beginners mat course. All you need is comfortable (tight fitting is best) clothing. If you really want to trim your waistline and hips and get great posture, then I would suggest it.
    A suggestion, it is best to go to a studio that is dedicated to pilates. I have found that no matter what gym I go to, the instructors are either not knowledgeable enough or do not have enough time to spend with you to really show you the proper technique and alignment.
    Also, on the days that I don't got to the studio, I substitute with videos. My favorite (my instructor suggested it) is Classical Pilates Technique - The Complete Mat Workout. This starts off with a beginners workout and works its way up to the super advanced level (still have not been able to complete all the moves in super advanced!!!) If you can do it 3-4 x a week, you should see results in a couple of weeks.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Well I did pilates for about 3 years straight, one on one, with the machines etc. This is the type of pilates that was truly called pilates first- the machines. It is really hard, focuses on core strength, does not hurt your joints, etc.

    I plan on going back to my same instructor when I move back to Florida- she is amazing!

    I highly recommend it!
  4. I had a great instructor and then she moved away. I bought my own machine and still do it, though not as regularly as I should. It helps with my posture and everything else. I just am lasy and need to get myself to do it. That's what I miss about having the studio. A lot depends on the instructor. After she left I tried another place and was very displeased. Not only did I not get the same results but I actually was hurting myself with the way they were telling me to do certain things.

    I've never done mat pilates so I don't know much about it. Machine pilates is great if you have a great instructor.
  5. Does it help lose weight? I want to correct my posture etc, but I dont really want to tone up until Im at my ideal weight (if that makes sense)
    Thanks girls btw :biggrin:
  6. here is the thing: when you lose weight you need to build more muscle to burn the fatty acids that are stored in your body. so essentially pilates, like many workouts, burns fat and builds muscle. basically because it is a "slower" exercise the body will consume fatty acids as a source of energy (versus if you were running in a full sprint your body would use ATP).

    i have customized my own workout to do at home from exercises that i have learned in books and DVDs. i combine yoga and pilates on a daily basis with some cardo and weight tranining to get an effective workout and stay in shape.

    plus you need to get on a good diet. exercise alone wont do the trick, its a whole lifestyle change.
  7. I've heard that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise when it comes to losing weight.

    When I started pilates I was on weight watchers and had lost most of my weight but had like 5 or 10 more pounds to go. I was at a plateau. After getting in a good pilates routine I started losing weight again. It does build muscle and there is a cardio effect to it also. If done right pilates can help you lose weight.
  8. I used to follow the windsor pilates DVD everyday 20 min a day and saw great results. Best for working your corehouse! shrink those Abs!

    However, I got bored of the same routine and I stopped doing it all together.
    I'd love to get into it again with machines and a trainer!!
  9. I go once a week to Pilates at my gym. I wish they offered more classes. I love pilates. I never strain to hard and I feel that its helped my abs a lot. My stomach looks more defined...just gotta get rid of that little bit of fat but I do cardio for that.

    Oh I do the mat based class.