Books & Music Anyone here read fantasy and romance novels online?


A little classic..:]
Jul 17, 2008
Soon to be NY!
Just wondering if any other TPFers read web serials -- novels that update everyday with a new chapter? I currently read *a ton* of fantasy and romance novels on volare, and would love to be able to chat about them with anyone!

I'm reading Poison Genius Consort right now, a novel about a fierce lady who fights for her survival with her wits! The summary is as follows:

After transmigrating to the past, poisons expert Han Yunxi finds herself on the verge of being married off to the country’s second most powerful man, the Duke of Qin. Her future life seems set–except her husband is an unfeeling ice block, her in-laws think she’s a eyesore, the empress dowager wants to use her for her own goals, and poison-related plots abound.

So, any readers out there who want to chat with me? :biggrin: