anyone here play piano?

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  1. well here,its almost 1am now.Im exhausted but i cant sleep!!
    I went to bed and was trying to sleep but inside my head kept singing those melodies..... arghhhh!!

    i keep thinking that i havnt practised enuf for today!!
    (normally im not like i dunno wat's up with me today)
    this thought just cnt get out of my head.

    anyone been thru this prob before?
  2. oh God... i gave up on piano when i was 10 yrs old, and now i regret it.
    i was such a stubborn kid, no one can push me to practice.
    maybe you can relaxed for an hour or two before practicing again?
    good luck :smile:
  3. I don't play the piano unfortunately, but a few years ago, as an adult, I took up the flute. I understand how you feel about your practice time. All day long I am anxious to get to my flute b/c I love it, but I can only play for so long before I get exhausted. Then I worry I won't be prepared enough for my lesson on Tuesday nights.

    Good for you for your interest in music. Investing time in the Arts is so worthwhile and rewarding!
  4. I love playing the piano, I used to take piano lessons, but I felt as if I was going no where, so I now teach myself. I have already taught myself and memorized a few songs, including Für Elise. I have been through that, too, especially when I am learning a new song.
  5. I used to take piano lessons when I was 7 or so. I still know the notes and everything though.
  6. yes...10 years of lessons from age 5 onward...I can still play OK but boy there are gaps.
  7. Yup! I'm a piano teacher actually... hee hee
  8. oh! me too me too! im a piano teacher since last yr that my mum is a shareholder of Yamaha music skool here in Thailand.i really enjoy teaching the grown-up ones,,,but for kids......they're slowly taking off my patient! :yahoo:
  9. When my parents bought the house they live in now, back in '72 or so, it came with an ancient upright piano--it even had ivory keys!--among other interesting antiques. My mother took one look at it and decided, piano lessons for everyone!! So for a year or two I and my sister were forced to go after school to Mrs. Sproul's house, which smelt funny, and plunk out tuneless melodies to a relentlessly ticking metronome. As you might have surmised, we had little to no talent and were finally allowed to quit. I do not regret it.
  10. I love playing the piano. I had lessons for a few years as a little kid and then stopped for playing for ages. I've only just picked it up again a few months ago and I've been teaching myself. I'm into showtunes at the moment aswell as Christmas songs of course!
  11. I took piano for 3 years when I was younger. Wacky piano teacher taught "lleft hand chording" so I never learned to read the bass clef. So I am very limited to what I can play....more than 1 sharp or 4 flats and I am sofa king LOST!
  12. My mom is a professional pianist (degrees from Oberlin Conservatory, Converse and Juilliard) but now in her "golden years" she gives private lessons at home. So of course learning the piano was a requirement in our household!

    The best thing about it is that someday, I will inherit her gorgeous piano -- a six foot 1925 ebony Steinway grand. Hubby isn't too happy about that because it will take up a lot of room -- but that is one heirloom that I am not going to pass up!

    I also play the oboe (coolest instrument ever, although very temperamental) and I pickec up the flute recently, although I can't say that I've learned enough to do anything more than just play a few notes.
  13. I play the accordion. (not very well) does that count?
  14. I wish I still played I stopped when I was about 14. Tried to get my son interested when he was smaller...didn't work.

  15. oooh, me, me, I do!!!!

    I don't take lessons anymore, but I've played since I was 4.
    And YES! When I took lessons and actually practiced it was all I thought about, my fingers were always tapping!
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