Anyone Here On Prednisone Alot?

  1. Curious...I have to be on Prednisone alot and for some reason..unlike everyone else..I lose weight......It makes me so sick to my stomach..I cant eat. Most people gain weight with it...especially with long term use.Curious to see how many of you have to be on it and what it does to your weight as well-
  2. I'm not on prednisone myself, but my beloved little cat is -- for asthma. He definitely gains weight. We are constantly worried about his diet.

    Not that it's good to feel sick all the time, but at least it's nice that you're not gaining. I've heard it's best to minimize the dosage regardless because that drug can be pretty hard on your body. I try to give my cat as little as possible. But if you need it, you need it!

    Anyway, I realize you can't really compare cats and people when it comes to meds, but that's been my only experienc w/ prednisone so far:smile:
  3. Jill, do you mind if I ask what for? I was on it for asthma and I gained so much weight it was awful. I think I was on it about 7 or 8 times in a period of 6 months. It really isn't good for you... send me a PM when you get a chance :smile:
  4. Prednisone SUCKS..period..LOL...I am already a hyper person..and I am like PSYCHO when I am on a high dose of it! I take it for several reasons..Asthma being one of them.I only take it if I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to...Unfortunately..I have needed to be on it more and it wreaks havoc with ones system..literally.
  5. :yucky: Ewww, unfortunately, yes. I've been taking crappy Prednisone steadily in varying doses since 2003 for a "rare" auto-immune situation, and that's it in a nutshell Jill, it just SUCKS, period! Like you, I'm energetic and quite highly strung, and thankfully do not suffer from weight gain or the dreaded "bloat" and water retention usually associated with steroids, however, I have been afflicted with horrid bouts of severe moodyness, anxiety, and intense feelings of not wanting to be around anybody...even people I like. On a particularly high dose, I'd find it difficult to, say, enjoy a dinner and a movie out, or, *gulp* brave a frenzied sale. :sad: Looking forward to getting well enough to get off it, at least for awhile, but I've had a few flare-ups recently :mad: , so it ain't lookin' too good :ninja: ...
  6. ^ WOW- I can sooo relate.I got off of it without tapering the dose and I was unable to stand up for like 3 was the worst experience ever!I had vertigo symptoms and was like such a mess! My 10 year old even knows not to test me when I am on it..I am pretty tense..LOL..a little jumpy..and she hates it!
  7. I totally don't mean to take your serious health issues and relate them to my cat...but this does make me sympathize with the little guy. I actually didn't realize that there were "withdrawal" symptoms from prednisone. I just sort of stop giving it to him when he stops wheezing for awhile, and start up again when he starts (usually in the early summer). But from what you're saying, I guess I should start tappering him on and off.
  8. Jill, I was diagnosed with rhuematiod arthritis about one year ago and was on it for 2 months before my meds kicked in. I was a psycho and should have been locked up during that time. I did not gain weight at all.
  9. ^yep- I can really relate!Prednisone makes me feel like my skin is crawling..and it really does a number on my skin,hair,stomach...ok..everything!
    My kids tease me when I am snippy and tell everyone that I am IN THE ZONE..its our pet name for me being on a super nasty high dose and to stay FAR away..LOL
  10. One of my friends was on it a while ago and it made her gain a lot of weight!
  11. i usually end up on it when i have bronchitis(along with other problems), which has been quite frequently lately. sick again and they did not put me on it this time, however not feeling any better and not looking forward to going back tomm.:sad: . i wish it had the same effect on me. i would not mind loosing several pounds. well. ok maybe 10 or 20.
  12. I was on prednisone for several months prior to my fusion last year and I lost weight-same thing-made me sick to my stomach and it broke my face out like a schoolgirl! My friend was on it for chronic bronchitis for 2 months and gained a lot of weight-everyone is different.
  13. I had to take it for a month last fall for bronchitis. It made me gain about 5 lbs during that month, I had terrible hot flashes and generally felt like crap the whole time, although part of that was from the bronchitis. I hope I never have to take pred sorry you have to.
  14. Yes I was on it for a while for my asthma and I gained tons of weight. It was a sad time in my life, I looked totally different. My face was huge, moon face. Truthfully, I hate that drug.