Anyone here on Dogster?

  1. Just wondering if anyone here has a dogster account?
  2. oooh no what is it?
  3. OK that is the funniest thing I have seen. Danica, your pics are so cute it is almost impossible to believe she is so cute!! I think I will have to stay away, it looks like too much fun looking at all the doggie pics..
  4. ^LOL!! I have spent waaay too much time on there just looking through the thousands of profiles. But it's definately cute...Maya has friends!!! heehe
  5. Danica - Maya is so cute! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    But...I'm crying (again! :rolleyes: ) because of poor little Lenny. :sad:

    I gave them both a bone. :yes:
  6. OMG I totally have to put Carmen and Bentley on this!!

    I LOVE you Danica!! LOL It is so nice to see someone else as obsessed with their dog as I am!! :smile:

    PS Maya IS SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!! :smile:
  7. Danica, that is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!! She's so tiny and so precious!! I love the profile! Too cute!! I left her a bone!
    Edit: Just left Lenny a bone, too, because he seemed like he was a tough little dog. Poor thing.
  8. OMG Love all of your furbabies!!!

    Needanotherbag-- I LOVE your quote!! Shelter dogs rock!!
  9. Danica,Maya is a doll :smile: I love the picture of her with the sock in her mouth too funny:roflmfao: .
    Lennys story reduced me to a puddle of tears:crybaby: .His owner spoke so lovingly of him,god bless his mommy for giving him such:tender:tender care.

    Dogster is a fun little website,Catster is great for kitty lovers like me :yes: .
  10. I asked Lizzie to be a pup pal! Too cute!
  11. I fell in love with Lenny after seeing those pictures a few months back...there is something very endearing about dogs that are seniors/have no teeth or jaw/ tongue sticks out etc that makes them even cuter for it. It sounds like he was a very courageous little guy.

    Cat, do you have a profile on catster? I'd love to see it if you do. :smile:
    Everyone, I requested to be pup-pals.:flowers:
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