Anyone here not like logos?

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  1. Just wondering. I don't wear blatant logos (like a repeated, monogram canvas). I was wondering if any other designer lovers don't buy it for the logo, and prefer no logo, or only the most subtle.

    For instance, Hermes doesn't have a bunch of flashy logos (or any at all), so I like Hermes, even though it's expensive. But I really don't like monogram LV at all, and only wear Chanel if the CC is the same color as the background (and not too big)...

    Anyone else? Or am I totally alone? :confused1:
  2. I am with you. I have a tan Chanel Cambon with the black CC's and that is as bold as I will go. The rest of my bags are defiantly more subtle.
  3. I totally agree. I haven't liked monograms on things since junior high. I feel like I'm paying a ton of money to do free advertising for some company. That's why I can't stand LV (sorry to those of you who do!) or even the signature Coach fabric. Plus it seems that those are the styles that get faked the most.
  4. You're definitely not alone. I don't buy bags or clothes that have logos. I don't see the appeal of advertising for anyone. :confused1:
  5. I don't mind the CC logos at all, I'm not sure why, they just seem classy to me. I'm biased because I love Chanel, but I like how Chanel bags *usually* only have one CC logo on it.

    I'm not a fan of LV monogram or Gucci monogram because for most of their bags, it's repeated all over the bag in a uniform print.
  6. I don't really dig logo prints either.
  7. Right at first I used to only like the "signature" bags... but lately I tend to stay away from the ones with logos or labels. I have also found that I like the smaller, less well-known designers, too...
  8. I cannot imagine being so wealthy that one is willing to provide logo advertising services to companies at no charge.
  9. Yeah, when I was in Jr. High my friends and I were into the Coach and LV thing. I was finished with it by 8th grade.

    It's hard for me sometimes to find quality items by my fave designers that aren't plastered. LV Suhali/nomade is OK, everything Hermes (although the bags have become so iconic that they themselves are logos), and some Chanel shoulder bags with only a small CC clasp.. and I've really grown to dislike Gucci because of the ghetto music videos with lots of Gucci and "Gucci hoochies" and whatnot -- it's just so tacky to me. It's like, why pay that much to look so cheap?

    I also like semi-cheap designers like Herve Chapelier (for school bags), Longchamp, and Alviero Martini. (He's not too famous, so people don't recognize his signature map print, which I use for travel.)

    One designer who isn't too proud of his name is Marc Jacobs. He even made fun of the logo-ing of bags with a tote bag of his ("Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs")..

    Redorfe - ah, you sound like my aunt. She used to design for Calvin Klein, and was so anti-logo that she would snip off exposed designer tags and whatnot from her kids' clothing.

    Anyone else have any tips for bags w/o too much junk on them?
  10. I know what you guys mean. I just feel like when I'm carrying a logo bag that I'm screaming/boasting for everyone to see what I'm carrying. And that isn't it at all. I carry my bags because I personally love them, I could care less what anyone else thinks. I do have one LV monogram bag, but it's small and it was my first LV. Other stuff I prefer a small logo, something subtly blended, or nothing. I have a friend who's in the process of trying to move away from logo type items to more subtle items where the designer isn't blatantly obvious. He refers to it as "inconspicuous consumption".
  11. No logo bags for this casual type gal. Never had one, never look at them other than a fleeting glance as I'm more interested in the slouchy leather bags. Logo bags hardly go with cargo pants, jeans and funky tops...that's me!
  12. I like them if its a nice logo. I like LV mono, but not LV murakami. I love coach and gucci sig print, but only in black. But I LOVE any CC chanel logo, and I like it to be noticable since i think its a pretty logo.
  13. I'm not a fan of logos, but my Chloe Paddingtons aren't exactly subtle. ;)
  14. I like LV classic, but I don't own any at the moment. I don't like anything from the Coach signature line.

  15. No Logos of any kind for me! :biggrin: