anyone here live in paris or vienna?

  1. Does anyone know how much the cruise denim mini pleaty raye customise retails for in paris or vienna? Friend is going to Europe and will try to find one for me, but I need to give her cash in Euros first. So if anyone's in paris or vienna, it would be much appreciated if you could call your local boutique for me. Thanks so much1
  2. it was about 1800 something euros I think
  3. According to, it's €1750. You would be able to get the tax back, but, I think there is only an $800 (?) limit re bringing it back to the US (if that's where you are, and please double check that amount as I could be wrong) so you may have to pay tax on it via customs.

    Good luck!

  4. ^€1750
  5. thanks! wow... it is a lot cheaper in paris! mini raye customise retails for NT94000 in Taiwan, which is roughly 2160 Euros...