Anyone here live in Dublin?

  1. My hubby is considering taking a job in Dublin in a few years time, and I was wondering what it was like. I've been to Ireland before and I LOVED it, but I spent more time in Waterford. Is the cost of living very high there? What is the traffic like, or is driving not as common? I would love any information.

    I'm excited about the idea, but I hope my picture of Dublin is realistic.
  2. Ive been to Dublin often, great city but the cost of living is one of the most expensive in Europe
  3. oh man, I'm an idiot. I thought you were talking about Dublin, CA until I read your post :shame:
  4. Jen you crack me up.

    I love Dublin. Of course, to travel there and to live there are 2 different things.
  5. My DH is from Dublin. We visit once in a while, and I am amazed at how international the city has become. I like it--a bit on the gray side, but I am used to living in fog because i'm from San Francisco. Will you be living in the suburbs of Dublin or near Dublin City Centre? As bag angel has already stated, Dublin is expensive--at least on par with SF and New York, but not as expensive as London. Traffic isn't too bad, except for around the downtown area. Then again, we haven't visited family since 2004, so conditions could have changed. Dublin is a big city and not at all like Cork or Waterford. Once in a pub, an Irishman approached me while my Dh was in the bathroom. He asked me if I ever thought of dating an Irishman, and I told him I was married to one. He then asked me from what part of Ireland did my Dh come, and when I responded, "Dublin," he said, "Dublin? That's not feckin' Ireland!"

    I thought he was being funny at the time, but I know realize what he meant. :smile:
  6. :roflmfao:Oh, I forgot how delightful a true Irish accent is!

    Thank you all for the info. I had assumed it would be expensive, but not as expensive as NYC. Sheesh. That may be a little much for us to handle. But I guess it all depends on how much they end up offering him, and how much I make when I finally finish school. I absolutely fell in love with Waterford when I was there, and I only saw Cork for a day, but it was lovely too. I certainly wouldn't argue a trip to go "analyze the situation" (a.k.a. Vacation!).
  7. Haha great comment ... it reminds me of the show Father Ted -- that was soooo funny:nuts:
  8. It's slightly more expensive than, say, Belfast. The traffic is horrendous, but it's common to walk and there are plenty of public transportation options.
  9. LMAO, me too!! Mostly cause I *live* in Dublin, CA.

    Not so much with the coolness factor though :p

  10. Oh, you shouldn't feel dumb at all. We live in Ohio, so when he first told me I thought Dublin, OH!
  11. That's funny LOL I think traffic in Dublin has become even worse since 2004 I was there last year it took two hours crawling to get out of the City at 5pm. I was tearing my hair out :yahoo:
  12. Hi! I live on the West coast (Galway), but I can tell you that Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Europe in which to live. Traffic is also fairly dire too, especially with all the roadworks at the moment.
    It's not really that 'pretty' to look at. I's really all about the people and the social life and the 'craic'. Most people who have visited Ireland have really enjoyed themselves... I think it would be a really good experience, but expensive.

    Living abroad is always a real education. I lived in Cape Cod for a while, but really missed the liveliness and fun of Ireland (that's not to say that Cape Cod isn't great too).

    :smile: I hope this helps in some way! Good luck.
  13. I always thought the standard of living in ireland was pretty bad..2nd lowest in Europe. However, it has improved greatly in recent years. I am sure Dublin being compared to NYC for example is expensive by their standards.
  14. We were there in 2005 on vacation and loved it. Would move there in a heartbeat if I could.

    We actually stopped by a real estate agent's office to look into buying a little place in Portmarnock, and the prices were insane! Apparently the year we were there, Dublin had the highest price per square inch of property in the world.
  15. I presume that youve never been there? I'm not sure where you got that figure from but it must have been a very old study! Ireland has been having an economic boom for the last ten years and the standard of living is actually one of the highest in the world, not even just in Europe!