Anyone here likes Tod's?

  1. Hi there ladies,

    Just wanting to get your opinions on Tod's purses..they are quite classic and practical..what do you think? Or is it a bit too mature? hmmm.
  2. i think it's a classical style that can be worn also by young people....i love their styles because they are very simple and versatile, and the quality of the leather is just wonderful:yes:
    :heart: them:biggrin:
  3. thanks mischa!
    will definitely consider the bag..i saw one which is so gorgeous!
  4. They're classic! They also come in great colors which can make it more young. I'm thinking about one for work.
  5. 100% classic- never goes out of style
    and the leather is great!
  6. I've been thinking about buying one. I really like the Besonville bag they featured in their recent ad campaign.
  7. Very classic! I'm more into their shoes than their bags, but it's all good.
  8. thanks ladies!
    I like the media bag that is on NM's site..the green looks delicious! :P
  9. [​IMG]

    love this bag@!
  10. I love them - so classic and the leather is fabulous!
  11. Their leather is wonderful. And I think the fact that they don't try to be the trendiest designer makes their styles timeless. Tod's makes Hogan, also.
  12. I like them--they are very classic and not trendy! I have a D bag which I love, though I do wish it had more/bigger interior pockets considering it's large size.
  13. Big Tod's fan here! The D Media bag is amazing, and will never go out of style! Tod's is so well made too - will last forever!
  14. I love Tod's. I think the leather is really nice and subtle. The styles are great too. I wanna get this pochette someday.
  15. I have 5 or 6 Tod's bags (somewhere in my closet). Very well made bags and the leathers are nice and smooth. :cool: