Anyone here likes to do Scrapbooking??

  1. :heart:Hi everyone,

    I've been wanting to finish a full book.........5 years ago. I still never got around to finishing one ( i dont like to cut my pictures) so eventually it gets pretty boring...

    Anyone else here scrapbook?
  2. I do! But, like you, I usually get only a third of the way through the book before I stop. LOL I really need to finish my books so I can go ahead and enjoy them.
  3. Me and my bf do! Since the day we met! We've finished one and moved on to another one...but we've become so much more busy than we used to be and don't have much time to scrapbook anymore. :sad:
  4. do you guys have a cheaper way of scrapbooking. I know when you start its quite expensive but I'm averaging about 10-20$ a page (with all the little tags). I swear when I started I thought scrap booking will be cheap and unique (pick up scraps and glue it on).....boy was i wrong
  5. I scrapbook, but I'm not good at writing stuff so mine is mostly like a larger photo album.
  6. I DO!!! But I haven't managed to do more then several complete pages....I just find it so hard trying to decide what colour paper to use with what pics and then what embellishments should I use? It takes me a whole day just to complete one page!
  7. its taken me 5 years and i still haven't done one full one....actually I made a 18x18 one for valentine...but its not tooo fancy
  8. What exactly is a scrap book? (I'm from Germany, so please excuse my illiteracy...)
    Regina :shame:
  9. Regina,
    It is like a photo album, but with lot of details, words, stickers, some writing explaining what happened in the photographs. You can buy the supplies at a crafts store and be very creative.

    Some examples I found online at


  10. So it's a kind of very elaborate diary? I started this once with cutouts from fashion magazines - I guess that's called a lookbook - but then I got bored with it and stopped... also, you need a lot of fahsion magazines to find enought stuff that you like to fill the book...
    Regina :smile:
  11. I do!!! Its very hard to finish once you start- I agree. You dont realize how time consuming it is until you actually get started. It takes me forever to decide what paper to use with the pictures, then what embellishments, then how to arrange the pictures, did i use too many pictures? would it look better with a lighter colored paper? etc etc etc! But it is fun, and maybe even more fun to shop for all the little embellishments and different papers :p

    This past weekend I actually got out the one I am doing of the cruise that DSO and I took last summer- I was like I HAVE to finish this before we go on another and I forget all about what we did on this one! Ive been doing it in front of the tv almost every night since last friday and its moving. Its much more fun to do it with something on in the background, youll find you can do more at once. Sometimes I love doing it, sometimes I have to force myself to keep going. But im almost done now and I love what Ive done and I know Ill keep it forever! So that makes it special.

    But I do have like 3 other books that I havent finished... and one of our trip to disney last november that i havent even started. so we shall see!
  12. oh my gosh! you have to wait for the sales at ACMoore- every now and then they will have all the sticker embellishments at 40% off and thats when you have to stock up! They also put the paper on sale every now and then. And if youre scrapping a vacation or something one way to keep costs down is to use something from the trip- for example I saved the handout that they gave us when we went to Paradise Point in St. Thomas- I used that on the page so very little else other than the pictures, the handout and the background paper were needed.
  13. I think it's more personal than a lookbook. You put YOUR family photos in it and write things about yourself, your kids and so on. So yes, it is like a diary, but not something you write daily - more to document important events and so on, with pictures and artwork.
  14. I do! I've only made one (from my trip to Russia in 2003), but it took forever & I'm really proud of it.

    I bought the supplies to make a general travel one, but I haven't found the time to start it.
  15. I LOVE scrapbooking! I have a general one I made- pics of me every year. Once I got older I had pages for events- one for prom, trips, etc. I don't write anything, and I usually put 2-3 pics on every page so its a little bit more like a photo book. But this way I use less trims and keep costs down a little.

    I just look in the sales and clearance bins for stuff to use :smile: I keep expandable folders for small pieces of paper (and shapes) and another for stickers. I live in a teeny apt so I would have WAY more stuff if I had room!