Anyone here like beets?

  1. I've seen them at the farmer's market and they looked beautiful so I finally tried them. They are so good!

    I steam them, peel them, then use in a salad with orange, balsamic viniagrette.

    Any other ideas on how to use beets?

    Also, does anyone know the nutritional value of beets?
  2. ME!!! I only like the canned or jarred pickled beets though. Funny, my mom ate tons of them when she was pregnant w/me which makes me wonder if that's why I love them so much lol.:nuts:
  3. there's a russian beet soup (borschke? probably spelled it wrong) that my cousin used to make and i loved it. we called it the "red soup" and you drink it with sour cream i believe :smile:
  4. Borscht is how it's spelled. Here's a good recipe: Borscht

    I love it! Ironically my husband is Russian and HE HATES IT!!

    I also love beets with a nice sweet & sour sauce. Yum!:nuts:
  5. Oh yes! I love beets. Roasted, pickled. They are delicious on salads, soups, and just as a side dish alone. I think that they are very high in antioxidants.
  6. i like beets too. i make it into a soup with beef shank. not the most exciting but i like it :smile:
  7. I do! I eat them boiled and grated with a little bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs.
  8. i love them boiled w/mayo and sea salt....mmmm. Just be warned if you eat a lot...!
  9. ewy i dont like beets, but my dad does! hehe.. very healthy.
  10. LOVE THEM! My father makes a beet salad of beets, olive oil, oregano, garlic powder, & salt and pepper. Soooo yummy!
  11. I LOVE beets. Just as a caution though--be careful if you eat a lot of them that you don't think you have blood in your urine or stool--you probably don't--it's the beets--nothing else--don't panic! I've had friends think they were dying--the color can be VERY intense.

    Here's my favorite recipe--Moroccan Beet Salad

    Mix with juice of one lemon, 2 cloves of garlic, minced, 1 teaspoon cumin, salt & pepper to taste and extra virgin olive oil--enough to cover. You can also add 1/2 cup diced parsley. Mix everything but the parsley together and let sit for a few hours. Add the parsley before serving. I've made this for dinner parties and it's always been a hit, except with people who just don't like beets.
  12. I LOVE beets. I roast them, peel them and eat them in salads and stir frys/fries. mmm. my husband they taste like dirt. Philistine.
  13. I love beetroot with a nice salad. :love:
  14. yummmm! I love beetroot! I generally eat mine in salad, or I'll make a beetroot sandwich. Just bread and beets! yum yum!
  15. I love beets! I always thought everyone did. I just cook them and eat them. I hated "Harvard Beets" the time I made that!

    Did you know that beet tops are edible? I didn't, until my grandmother cooked them up once and I tried them. I was prepared for the worst, but they were very good! She simmered them in a pan with a bit of water, and seasoned them with a little bacon. They tasted like a very mild spinach -- mmm mmm!