Anyone here into baseball?

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  1. Spring training is in full swing ladies! Any baseball nuts here besides me and who is your team?
  2. Bagnshoofetish!! :amazed: How COULD you!...I thought this was a forum I can at least escape from...pleassseee don't talk about SPORTS! I hear sports 24/7 from my husband, three brothers, sis-inlaw and nephews...the worst of them is my husband he's a total fanatic (New Yorker...I swear I think it's in their blood) he loves, hockey, basketball, baseball, and last but not least football! :wacko:
  3. sorry, thats why I posted under General Discussion. it's only one of my other interests, I'm not a fanatic.
  4. HELL YES.

    I love my Red Sox like I love breathing air. :smile: and don't try to tell me that the yankees don't suck, because they do-- pretty hardcore. :smile:

    Just because I'm into purses doesn't mean I can't be into baseball!!

  5. Bagnshoofetish> Angels

    I go to way too many games. :smile:
  6. yea! I'm glad someone else is interested too. got a little nervous there for a moment. thought I was going to be kicked out of the blog! I used to live in Scottsdale, AZ and got to see alot of spring training. (Angels in Tempe - so fun!)
  7. Isn't the World Baseball Classic game coming up soon at the Angels Stadium?
  8. yes I think it's this month.
    don't hate me though,
    I'm a Dodger fan.
  9. That's cool with me. I love a good game. I don't care who you cheer for. :lol:
  10. Baseball was a love of mine since before I was old enough to appreciate a nice handbag.

    My team is the Mets, I stick with them always, even though they haven't been very good in recent years :wacko:
  11. hey are you guys losing Piazza? I have not been listening to the news much lately. rumor he was coming back here?
  12. Oakland A's fan here!! I would love to go to Spring Training, but will probably wait till next year. I did, however, go to the Fanfest.
    Anyone been to one of those? It's crazy, and you have to be a true fanatic to wait hours and hours in line for everything! But for me, it was truly worth it b/c I was able to get some autographs from some of my favorite players.
  13. whose on the A's these days?
  14. Surprisingly, they kept most of their major players from last year -- Eric Chavez, Mark Kotsay, Bobby Crosby, Barry Zito (so far), and etc. New additions are Frank Thomas and Esteban Loiza....I haven't memorized the whole team roster....yet. ;)
  15. Love Baseball, A true Yankees Fan, Almost April beginning of season. This month the whole World Baseball Classic for the first time, Go Team USA!!!