Tech Anyone here in to Astrophotograpy?


Góðan Daginn
Jun 9, 2011
Is anyone here into Astrophotography? Sorry if there is already a thread about this, but I couldn't find it.

I've been interested in it for years and after a lot of doubt, I've finally got a telescope. I'm interested in Deepsky photography, star clusters and planets. I was wondering if it's really hard to get into this kind of photography (I prefer to figure things out by myself instead of reading the manual) I have a lot of photography experience, and I learn things very quickly. So the camera part won't be a problem. But what about the telescope? Is it hard to get used to it?

Oct 22, 2009
What type of telescope did you get? Are you planning to photograph through the telescope or piggy back the camera? Digital, SLR or CCD camera?
There are a ton of resources out there for budding astrophotographers. I'd suggest trying your local astronomy club. There's a good chance some members will be well versed in photographing the night sky.
As an amateur astronomer myself, I never did get into the astrophotography thing. I found it a little overwhelming to not only learn how to photograph different things but then you have to learn how to process the images too. I prefer to spend my time looking through the eyepiece and, on cloudy nights, looking at the amazing photos the experts have taken ;)