Anyone Here In/Near Miami?

  1. Hey y'all! As I mentioned previously, I'll be in Miami for a week. I'll be flying in on Thursday:yahoo: I know there are several LV stores in Miami and was wondering which one you'd recommend I visit. I'll be in Pembroke Pines so I guess the closest one to me is the one in Bal Harbour. Also, on my previous visits I'd always shop in the malls (either Aventura mall or Americas) any recommendations? I went to Sawgrass twice when it just opened and was not impress b/c there were hardly any stores and it is so freaking big my friend and I got lost :lol:
    I want to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sales. Any recommendations will be appreciated.
  2. Have fun JoJo! I've visited Miami, but only been to the Bal Harbour LV.:yes:
  3. Bal Harbour and Merrick Park are the best malls in that area.
  4. Have a great visit Jo_jo :smile:
  5. The bal harbour mall lv store is nice, and you can eat at Carpaccio right after!
  6. Thanks guys!
    So I guess Bal Harbour it is.

    Miroir, I'll try Carpaccio ;)
  7. Is it true that FL doesn't have sales tax?
  8. ^^ that is not true...FL does have sales tax. San Juan doesn't have sales tax but I heard on the news they'll be applying it soon.
  9. I live nearby and I go to Boca Raton they have an LV store, Saks, (also has a LVstore), Nordstroms, bloomies, Neimans and Macys.. best mall around.. also tax is cheaper in boca than in Miami-- Bal Harbor is nice, Merrick is too.. Boca is the best
    Sawgrass is huge but all outlet type stores..
    Have fun! Happy shopping
  10. Thanks Jojo and Claudia. I will be in Miami area after Christmas.:yahoo:
  11. jo jo i would go to bal harbour i like that one i bought a few things there
  12. Yeah...I'll check out Bal Harbour. I had my Inclusion bracelet shipped from there so I might go and say hi to the SA who helped me over the phone.
    I can't wait!!! Visiting LV always gets me all giddy :biggrin: