Anyone here in London?

  1. So, I'm really thinking and considering of taking a little move. I take all my courses online and I thought it would be a good experience to just... see the world.

    I have some money saved up and a lot of the things that I could sell here would definitely send me off comfortably.

    I have a few "friends" that have moved there but none that I am too close with. So, because I'm always surfing tPF and trust you ladies (and gents), I just need some pointers in London.

    Any tips would be good. What kind of cellphone provider do you use, where is a good place to stay (I'm thinking Notting Hill)... really, I'm just looking for a different scenery.

    P.S - I'll probably be moving with a close friend or my SO.
  2. Also, i'm just googleing some rentals and sometimes they are per week and other times they are per month but at times they don't specify which. What's more normal for them to advertise in?
  3. let's see... the phone providers are all ****eous :roflmfao: and obscenely priced (my total finnish mobile bill has never even reached what my line rental is in the uk :push: ) but i'm with o2. and i believe they got the iphone contract for the uk.

    not sure which is more common about the rent, it depends on the agent i think. but if it's less than £300 then it's almost definitely per week. then weekly rentals can go into the thousands depending on size and location. notting hill is nice but it can be a bit dodgy at night in certain places. i like the primrose hill area a lot, and hampstead too.
  4. Thanks! :smile:

    Is there any other places to consider other than Primrose Hill? We're looking definitely to be close or in the city because we won't be buying cars there (which is very weird for me not to have but it'll be a good adjustment).
  5. phone providers are the worst. the best is probably orange. i get 3000 texts and 500 mins for £35 a month but if you go over it is very pricey. london iss one of the most expensive cities you could ever visit.
    primrose and nottinghill are pricey areas. islington is also nice.
  6. I grew up in southwest London and moved to Cali when I was 16. Apparently, the county I live in is the wealthiest county in the US (sorry- not trying to be obnoxious), but I thought things were SUPER CHEAP here! ...that is how expensive the UK is. BUT, I love London with all my heart and encourage you to check it out. :yes:

    And yes, the phone bills are very high there...

  7. nobody really has a car :lol: well none of my friends do, there's really no point unless you have a family. not to mention the £8 a day congestion charge :push:

    i like the nw3/nw1 area in general (hampstead, belsize park, primrose hill), and notting hill. st john's wood and maida vale are nice too. then of course there's kensington/chelsea/knightsbridge/belgravia/mayfair but they aren't really *me*. if you wanted to be in the thick of it you could live in bloomsbury/soho/covent garden but it's pretty noisy and polluted around there.
  8. I'm moving there in about a week, I'm still confused about what I'll be doing, but I think I'll look for a place near Notting Hill Gate which is where most of the people I know live. At this point I just want to get there and figure it out!
  9. having no definite plans would frighten me to death. you are very brave!

  10. I have a place to stay for 2 weeks until I find one. I've looked online and such, but beyond that I'm not even sure what to do!
  11. What sites have you looked on? I'm trying to find apartments but not vacation apartments.

    It's crazy because I think the more I look into it the more I really just want to go. I know it would be such a good experience for me to do it.

    What are the jobs like? is there a need for employee's?

    I'm still doing my BA online (through a Canadian University) but by the time I leave, I'll have my associates.
  12. it really depends what area you want to work in.
  13. I personally like Good luck on the move!