Anyone here have a Speedy 35??

  1. So......I was wondering if anyone here has a speedy 35 and how do you like it and when do you wear it/how often? How do you like the size as far as everyday use.?

    I'm only 5'0" and i have to say i LOVE big bags and i dont care if it would be bigger than me. haha. well, if anyone has pics of their 35 in action please post, i'm having trouble searching the forum.......

    i'm debating wheter i should get this for christmas.............i dont know why but i just bought a damier speedy not too long ago.....i dont know if it would be wise to purchase a 35 mono....
  2. anyone?
  3. I own one, I love it. We've already a few recent threads on the 35 with people asking the same questions, these may help you. Anyway I'll dig up some of mine for you.. it's a great size and can take anything.. I carry just about everything I own with me everywhere, and it eats it all and is only 1/3 full!
  4. Ok my 35 isn't in this shot, but this is everything that came out of it - I was trying to see what would fit into my Congo PM. This stuff doesn't even fill it halfway!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've a pic of me carrying it but have to upload it, brb..
  5. Heh.. me in the store carrying my bag during my first ever store visit a few weeks back.


    I'm 5'7".
  6. thanks for all your help......i was trying to search the forum for "speedy 35" but it says it's too short or something. ugghh its pissing me off lol. anyway, i'm gonna do some research and see if this is my next bag....[: thanks again! anyone else?
  7. i have this bag and I use it quite often (except for when it rains). I find this as my everday bag. It fits a lot too! I use this bag for trips, sometimes shopping (only if it's empty though otherwise it gets too heavy), casual dinners, work. I love the size.

    i have a couple pics, hope these help...

    1st pic is with my winter jacket on. As long as the jacket isn't too puffy near your wrists the handles will fit over the jacket. Second pic is when I am inside my house. Third is an action pic.
    DSC03447.JPG DSC04183.JPG jilln35.jpg
  8. looks great justjill!! thanks for your help. i think i might just get this speedy [: it doesn't look too big at all!!!
  9. Go for it!! If you like big bags, it's a nice one!
  10. I've been debating on whether I should get this bag too. I'm 5' 2" and now I regret not getting it. (Have the 25 for myself, and sometimes use my sisters 30.) I say get it! I especially love how it looks when its sagging & flat lol.
  11. I have a 30 and 35, and the 35 is by far my favorite size wise. I like bigger bags and the speedy is timeless. I say go for it!!!
  12. I got the 35 and it's just perfect in everyway, even if your big or small I would say!
  13. I'm 5'1 and have it, will post pics later
  14. I enjoy it every time I carry it! Sometimes I think I carry it too much but it's just so practical and easy to carry around. Wonderful bag! SPEEDY! :tup:
  15. haha thats how i like my speedys also!