Anyone here have a Damier Illovo MM?

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  1. Thought needed on the Damier Illovo PM and Damier Illovo MM?

    I was going to buy a Illovo pm, but think it may be too small.
    The s/a at LV told me the MM is no longer available?
    Does anyone know if that’s correct?:confused1:
    There’s one listed on eBay now that looks pretty good

    I love the style and that it’s the Damier , so I don’t have to worry about watermarks and stains.
    Any thoughts on this style would really be appreciated!:smile:

  2. I think the PM is a bit too small. My mom has the Illovo MM and it's a great size for anyone. The strap is pretty long and hangs down lower than my other bags (CP & BH). Hope this helps!! I can PM you pics if you like??
  3. Thanks Lynpink:smile:

    I think I'd be much happier with the MM.
    I thinks its adorable and worry free.
    Do you know if it can be purchased in the stores anymore?
  4. I'm not too sure:sad: My mom got it a few years back but recently I have not seen it in stores but then again, it's not like I'm really looking for it...heehee. Otherwise, eBay is your best bet:tup: Good luck to ya!
  5. Thanks Lynpink :smile:
  6. i love the illovo. good luck on your decision! i think the MM is a good size for every day bag.
  7. Thanks Ally24!
  8. I too think the PM is too small... go for the MM!
  9. I use to have the mm and sold it. It was a fabulous size and I regret selling it now. I do not know why LV discontinued making the mm size.
  10. The MM is a perfect size...
  11. Ah ha!
    So they did discontinue it?
    I better watch the eBay one like a hawk and snag it :yes:
  12. I love the PM. It's so pretty. The MM is a better choice if you have a lot of stuff, but because it's larger, I sometimes have the feeling that it doesn't always hold its shape well. I don't own any of those two, but I have a friend who has the PM and I just love it. I'm considering buying it myself. I asked her what it can hold and I does hold quite a lot of stuff, more than I expected. My friend can carry a large wallet (I think the PTI), her celphone, a small make up pouch and a pochette cles in it and it's not even full yet.
    It's perfect for my everyday bag, but I don't put a lot of stuff in my bag.
  13. I'm going back and forth Jennifer- J, but thing the pm was too small for me.
    I'm also told the MM is impossible to find, so the one on ebay is looking good!
    Plus the seller says its in like new condition:nuts::nuts:
  14. Does anyone know what the retail of this bag was?
  15. I have the MM and I love it. It is mostly my weekend bag because it is more casual. I use my Damier Parioli more for work because it is larger and a little more professional looking. The Illovo PM is too small for me, but I like bigger bags. I highly recommend the Illovo MM, it is a great bag.