Anyone Here Has The Epi Passy?

  1. How do you like it? Can you post pics of it and with it?
    I want to get this bag but can't wait to see it irl at the store.
    Thank you so much.

  2. I don't have a Passy, but the shape reminds me of the Batignolles Horizontal, which I have and love. The red you posted is so pretty!
  3. this is beautiful- i saw it at the store- i loved it. another tpfer thought that the smooth leather at the top might get scratched up and not be as durable. i don't know, but i know i love it and hope to own one!
  4. don't have one, but I really want one .... sometime this spring I was reading some fashion magazin and there was this bag sitting somewhere in the back of the picture, not described at all and I instantly fell in love, not knowing what it was, who made it or what it would cost ... I almost fainted when I saw it on the LV page. When I picked up my Speedy I looked at the Passy as well but couldn't get myself to have my bf buy it for me instead of the speedy (I felt bad enough for that already ...:shame: )

    I can't believe no one seems to have it on here?!:shrugs:
  5. There's a pic of it on (France) under the FW 2006 women's collection... It's a black and white pic with the modle standing up and she has the passy held in her hand...very business-woman-like
  6. That's exactly what I want it for. I'm going to law school and I think it would make the perfect work bag for a (hopefully soon) lawyer-to-be :shame:
  7. do you think it's too businessy? i am not, in any way, a business type.
  8. NOT AT ALL! I think you can match that bag with everything. The photo shot I sat it in was for some 50s style wardrobe. It was next to a girl wearing denim capris and a Marilyn Monroe style blouse. It looked absolutely cute and perfect. I didn't even think of it as an business bag until my bf told me I could even fit my folders in there at the LV store.

    BTW: I just found this on ebay

    eBay: Epi Leather Black Passy GM Handbag (item 180027315650 end time Sep-20-06 06:17:22 PDT)

    Def. a nice alternative if you are not looking to spend 800€ (950€ for the GM)on a bag. What's the price in the US?
  9. I think it'll work as an everyday bag, just don't get it in black....cuz the entire black epi line LOVE MANDARIN!!!! the red one's also good, and my 3rd fav is the Myrtille (blue colour)
  10. Too bad that it':crybaby: s a fake
  11. $1200 on elux. they are only showing one size. i saw that on ebay- is it a knock off? it doesn't claim lv...
  12. I think this could be an updated look to the Epi Riviera.
    I love that bag as well and thought it to be perfect for work (anyone seen it on Ocean 11/12...very briefcase like).
    But the Passy gives you the option of wearing it business like or casual.

    I am not afraid of scratches so there's no problem for me there.
    I just would love to see this bag on a real person.
    I know that it is not one of the most popular bags b/c it's elegant and understated so this will never be an "IT" bag. But I don't buy bags based on its popularity so it makes no difference to me.

    I have yet to see an authentic Passy on ebay :cry baby:
  13. Oh my!! that Ebay Passy needs to go bye bye- :yes:
  14. JoJo-- I LOVE that bag myself! I saw it the other day on Elux and I was like "DROOL"!! LOL

    You have such a fab collection already, it would be the PERFECT addition:smile: