Anyone Here Has The Elektra Sandals???

  1. Can you please please post a pic of them worn? :yes: :drool:

    What do you think about them? Are they comfortable or do the straps dig into your flesh? How's the exotic leather? Is it moc or real?
    Any info on these shoes will be greatly appreciated!

  2. No but I would LOVE TO have them.. Please don't tempt me:wtf:
  3. I love them
  4. LOL...I know right! They are great. But I would really like to see them on.
    I will get the opportunity of trying them on the end of this month but I can't wait...I want to see the now! :lol:
  5. o:huh:h.. HOTness...
  6. They are HOT!! I haven't seen them in store yet :sad: I am hoping that they haven't come & gone already.
    I have had the misfortune of seeing the new ones w/o the arch, I am pretty sure they are the same shoes used during the Inquisition to get confessions.
  7. i think this is the pair that goes with the satin clutch!!! it looks very nice! :nuts:
  8. :yes::yes::yes:

    yes it is. we saw it in the Toronto store luna!
  9. Oooo...JoJo,

    I know you've been eyeing those for quite a while now and they are HOTTT!
    I love how the straps swirls with the Snake skin and the Mini Lin Sole...if you ask me there's enough support from all the straps to give you an even hold so that it won't cram anywhere when you're walking...

    goodluck with your descision!
  10. I wonder if the metallic straps will match or work well with the Miroir.
  11. No but I would love them!
  12. Wow...I can't believe no one here have these shoes! Considering how beautiful they are and how inexpensive they are comparing to LV's type of shoes. Oh well...I'll get to see them this weekend...I can't wait! Although I have decided to go with the Denim Wooden Soles Mules. I know I'll be in heaven this weekend.
  13. I loved them also, but when I went to the store the heel didn't seem high enough. It looks taller in the picture. Let me know what you think when you see them in person.
  14. I will BagMama!
    I will try to sneak some pics at LV with my cellphone. See if I get through like I did at Hermes ;)
  15. OMG last time I tried to do that with my Treo at the 5th Ave. the guard yeleld at me :wtf: I was like :wtf: and :crybaby:

    I was just trying to take a pic of a sweater - sheesh!

    * tip * Hide your cam in your jacket! * tip* :roflmfao: