Anyone here has the cropped leather jacket by Alexander Wang?

  1. Does anyone here happen to own this jacket? Seen on Nicole Ritchie?:yes: Black cropped leather jacket and 3/4 sleeve.
  2. anyway, I spent many sleepless nights hunting for it and finally found one last piece at 20% discount. It arrived today and the leather is silky and gorgeous!!!:tup:
  3. Congrats! That is a gorgeous jacket!!! Where'd you end up finding it?

  4. Hi, thanks! From Bleu Clothing
  5. how much was it?
  6. Does anyone know where can i still get this?? I really want this jacket......:woohoo:
  7. me too = anyone know if it's around anymore???
  8. bumping this thread up.... anyone seen one anywhere?
  9. GOSH, that is a gorgeous jacket.
    I was thinking eBay, or google it for those "little known" boutiques that may still have it.