anyone here has a Dior engagement ring?

  1. I was :drool: at the dior engagment ring in the dior boutique in NY. It was so pretty.

    To me, that was the most beautiful ring ever made. It has a circle of ribbon around it and the ribbon is made of all diamonds. heart melts :heart: The center stone look so nice that it looks fake and oh man the bling. That beats any Tiffany ring.

    At the whooping 22k, I can only :drool: since I already have a E. Ring . Oh by the way, the center stone is 1 ct. Any lady out here is fortunate enough to have a dior engagement ring? Can you please be post some picts so I can :drool: more... The boutique in SF is has an almost non-exsistent jewelery selection. :sweatdrop:
  2. no one here has one?? :girlsigh:

    TIA to all the ladies who might have a picture or maybe the Ad that they are willing to post??

    Hopefully one day I can save up enough to buy that as a right hand ring.. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  3. I wish Jeslyn.

    I would be happy with a non designer ring if my DH proposed, but I totally know what you mean about Dior e-ring envy.
  4. Sounds so dreamy!!!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: If anyone has pics, please post!!!!!
  5. Pics anyone? I would love to see it!
  6. perhaps there is a pic on the Dior fine jewelry website?
  7. hmmm this one ? :smile:

    this one is from the Vamipre`s Fiancee collection and its called romantic heart :heart:
  8. or this one ? :smile:
  9. :drool: wouldnt mind getting those two either...:drool:
    diorring3.JPG diorring4.JPG
  10. There's no pictures online for those engagement rings in NY dior, they say it's very limited. I checked. Thanks for posting the pics, nataliam1976, they are TDF as well, I like the first one so much, there's a wonderful earring set in that design too ( i think the earrings have pics at :heart:
  11. How pretty-[​IMG]

  12. now the only way to shorten our suffering is if you go back there jes and sneakly take some pics ! :nuts: :drool:
  13. Darn it! I was at the NY Dior boutique last week and did not even look at the jewelry section! I am so upset that I missed out on seeing the Dior engagement ring! ARGH!
    Well, even if I did, my boyfriend had already proposed two days before we went to the Dior store so it would be wrong of me to gush over the Dior ring after he given me such a beautiful one. LOL.
  14. Oh, I love the vampire ring! The story on the website is sooo cute.

    Did you see the little diamond on the chain while you were there? I think it's called the mimette or something. I've been in love with that ring for forever and if it's still on sale when I have a real e-ring, I'm going to buy it to wear with it...

  15. :nuts: :nuts: :drool: