Anyone here had Rhinoplasty??

  1. Hello everyone.. just wondering how many people here have had a rhinoplasty done.. I am really looking into it as I have always hated how my nose looked but am a little skeptical.. Can anyone share some personal experiences regarding the same and give me info abt the post operative care and recovery time? Before and After pics would also be appreciated.. thanks soo much.. LOVE TPF!!!
  2. yes and it was the best investment i have ever made in my life.........PM me
  3. Is it true that when you get rhinoplasty, and if they have to break your nose during the procedure, you will get aches and pains on a rainy day??? Sorry if its a silly question, because I sprang my hand a few years ago, and I know bad weather is coming up when it starts to ache a little.
  4. I had my nose done over ten years ago. I never not regretted it for a second! I had to have mine broken and I haven't noticed any types of aches and pains on a rainy day. It took about a week I think to recover enough to go back to work. I had to have it redone a few months later due to the tip of my nose sagging down. I think the sutures didn't hold or something. That surgery was much easier to recover from since there was no bone breaking. I'll try and find some before and after pics but I'll warn you the befores are pretty scary as they were taken when I was in my teens and sort of a gothy looking freaky kid.

    I had hated my nose for years. In fact, I recall my dad asking a surgeon he knew about doing it and I think I was 12 at the time. He said I was too young. I had it done at 21 I believe.
  5. Yeah Im 22.. and Ive always hated my nose too.. it makes me soo self conscious.. I even suggested it to my mom but she thinks its not necessary.. however im working now and can pay for it on my own.. so i think the time has finallly come .. hehe
  6. i will be in about 2 weeks, i'll let you know how it goes. i have a deviated septum among other things so i can't wait to not have an ugly nose.

  7. i was 22 when i had mine 23 whole family was totally against it as i saved up every penny i could to pay for it just meant that much more

    if it something YOU really want to do, dont be discouraged if others do not agree
  8. I had my rhinoplasty when I was 19. I had a very wide bridge, breathing problems and a deviated septum. The after surgery was rough- vomiting from the anesethia, throwing up a lot of blood from the draining....I had minimal bruising, mostly just blood in my eyes that took 2-3 weeks to heal.
    I would do it again in a heartbeat, I'm very happy with the results.

    I have not found this to be true.
  9. my family was against it too, especially my mom. I charged it on my credit card. I didn't care if I had to sell plasma to pay for it, I was having it done! After I took the bandages off my mom actually liked the way it looked. She is just very against plastic surgery.
  10. ^^zoophie and danielle do yall have pictures of your rhinoplasty that you could send me? or the names of your doctors?? thanks!
  11. I had mine done by Dr. Graham at Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans. That was years ago though so I'm not sure if he's still there.
  12. where did you get it done??? pm me also :p
  13. Hey, I had mine done when I was 21 and I am going back for revision. Although I wish I had done more reseach about using silicone implants (my skin is thinning a little on the bridge and you can see the outline when I pull my skin or scrunch my nose), I don't regret having had it done and now I know what I really want aesthetically. People often are very against it because it's not 'natural,' but I think it's a little judgmental to tell someone what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I have a lot more confidence now than ever before. But plastic surgery can be addictive so you do need to be realistic. The danger is that after a couple months when you forget all of the swelling and discomfort and your nose starts to look really good and you get compliments, you start to wonder whether your eyes or chin could use a little work, too.
  14. Hello there, I am going for my rhinoplasty in Dec 2013. I am doing it with Dr Kim Byung Gun of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. I did my liposuction and tummy tuck with him. He is a very experienced doctor and I am really impressed with the speed of diagnosis of problematic areas. You can try him but first talk to him over the internet before you make a decision. You should also send him photos of your problem area so he can diagnose properly.

  15. Hello, (: I'm also wanting to go to Korea for a rhinoplasty. I'd love to trade info with you. I was looking at JW plastic surgery, and Cinderella plastic surgery. I didn't know about BK surgery.
    It is definitely not easy looking for a doctor.