Anyone here from the Philippines?

  1. I am going to the philippines for a vacation to see my family and i was wondering if there is a Lesportsac store there... I know that the Philippines is full with fake items... but some authentic things there are usually priced down from the price in America. Just wondering if there was a real lesportsac store! I would be SOOOOO happy if there was. hmm do they even sell tokidoki?
  2. I went back home last year, and we had stop overs in Korea and the duty free there had a bunch. I didn't see a lesportsac store over there (we went to makati). I did see a TON of fakes (greenhills) along with other fake bags (heck, the whole ground floor is full of it)

    hope that helps
  3. oh that sucks...
  4. My bestfriend is living in the Philippines (in Cebu) but coming back to Hawaii next month...she didn't even know what tokidoki was, LOL.
  5. ME! There is tokidoki in Rustans but I don't know where you got the idea that stuff from the US are marked down here... everything imported is high priced here! :p
  6. where is rustans? and how much are the tokidoki there?
  7. Does anyone know if there is tokidoki in Robinson's?